School Fees for Poly & ITE Set to Increase in 2018, But Current Students Not Affected


It has been what, 5 years since I have graduated from poly—the best years of my life.

Before I take a walk down the nearby memory lane, let’s get to the topic at hand.

This is important news, especially to those who are planning to head to poly or ITE.

Tuition fees will increase between 1.2% to 8% at the aforementioned institutions next year, the Straits Times reported.

This only applies to the new batch of students joining the institutions in the 2018 academic year.

Polytechnic’s annual tuition fee for 2018

Image: TODAY

Singaporean citizens will pay an annual tuition fee of $2,800, a $100 increase from yesteryear.

For PRs, the tuition fees will go up from $5400 to $5600 and international students will have to pay $10000 annually.

ITE school fees for 2018

Image: Channel NewsAsia

For full-time Nitec courses, Singaporean citizens will have to pay $406 ($20 more than this year) whereas PRs will pay $5,023 ($304 more than this year) and international students will have to pay a steep payment of $13,482, Channel NewsAsia reported.

Tuition fees remain the same for higher Nitec courses.

Tuition fees for tertiary institutes have seen a steady rise in school fees

A spokesman for the polytechnics and ITE said the fees are reviewed annually and “adjusted if necessary to meet the rising cost of quality education”.

“Where possible, it is preferable to have regular, but small, fee increases than a significant hike in any one year,” the spokesman added.

As you can tell, it is heavily subsidised for Singaporeans and students can also apply for various financial aids such as scholarships, loans and bursaries.

Good luck to those who are eagerly waiting for their “O” Level results!

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