Here Are What Some Brands That Have Worked With Schooling Said About the Saga


After getting in trouble with the law, it’s time to round up Joseph Schooling’s sponsors and assess the rest of the damage.

Hugo Boss Stays On Board

The partnership between Hugo Boss and Joseph Schooling started in 2018, with Schooling being the first Singaporean ambassador of the luxury brand.

After the athlete’s confession to consuming cannabis on Tuesday, the managing director of Hugo Boss Southeast Asia, Mr Steven Lam, said that the four-year-partnership with and support for Schooling remains “strong and unwavering”.

“Joseph has made a mistake but what’s important is that he has taken ownership of it,” said Mr Lam.

The managing director stressed that Schooling has always been a “positive influence” to other people, and children in particular, inspiring them to believe in themselves, to put in their utmost effort in chasing their aspirations.

Rather than viewing Schooling’s cannabis consumption as a stain on his record, Hugo Boss Southeast Asia sees this as an opportunity for him to make amends.

“We have taught future generations that it’s ok to make mistakes, to own up, but you have to take responsibility and more importantly, fix it,” Mr Lam added.


It will be a long journey ahead for Joseph, said Mr Lam, but the luxury brand believes that he will uphold his promise to become a better person and rebuild the trust with the people who he has inspired.

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His Other Sponsorships

After attaining his Olympic Gold at the 2016 Rio Olympics, Schooling has been sponsored by other brands like Milo, Yakult, Toyota, Tag Heuer and DBS Bank.

For the most part, it seems like the partnerships have either long expired or they had just ended recently due to his commitment to the National Service (NS).

Nestle, Milo’s parent company, stated that their endorsement agreement with the Olympic swimmer has already ended in 2020. It was a three-year contract.

The Nestle spokesperson echoed Hugo Boss’ sentiments. Instead of emphasising on Schooling’s recent mistake, they focused on the contributions he has made to Singapore, and how he has been a source of motivation for other athletes.

“We acknowledge his transparency on this incident and his commitment to take action and remain an inspiring model for all Singaporeans,” the Nestle spokesperson added.

With regards to this statement, it was referring to the fact that Schooling had posted his own apology on social media shortly after the Ministry of Defence and Sport Singapore issued a joint statement.

Similarly, DBS Bank said that its sponsorship agreement with Schooling that started in 2018 had ended last year before he was enlisted for NS.

Toyota also said that the sponsorship which began in 2018 had just expired in June 2022.

That was a close call, especially since Schooling had consumed cannabis in May, only for it to be exposed in late August.

Yakult Singapore shared a similar timeline: the beverage brand began sponsoring Schooling in 2018, and their contract ended in 2020.

Tag Heuer has not issued a response yet. 

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