Scoot Pilot Allegedly Refused to Land As Some Kids Allegedly Didn’t Stay Seated


Rules are made to be followed, despite what others might think.

Just look at this Scoot flight, who couldn’t legally land since a family didn’t stay seated and fasten their seatbelts.

Delays Flight Landing, Told Passengers to Fasten Seatbelts

This TikTok revealed how a Scoot pilot had to delay the landing of flight TR285, from Bali to Singapore, due to a group of uncooperative passengers.

@audikhalidwhat happens when you dont fasten your seatbelt♬ original sound – Audi Khalid

In the video, the Scoot pilot can be heard over the intercom system, saying that he would discontinue the flight’s approach to Changi Airport. This was because he was informed that there were passengers not seated with their seatbelts fastened.

Explaining his actions, the pilot said that they are not legally allowed to land the plane if the cabin is unsecured.

Fact check: this is true. According to the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore, one must remain seated with your seat belt fastened, until the plane has come to a complete stop and the ‘fasten seat belt’ light is turned off.

He then says that the plane will turn around and try to land again, and warns that the airport police will get involved if passengers refuse to cooperate.

Applause could be heard from one of the passengers at the end of the announcement. Sarcastic or not, we’ll let you decide for yourselves. 

Local Authorities Get Involved

The video then cuts to a shot where the aircraft finally managed to land at Changi Airport. A stewardess is heard informing the passengers that local authorities will be getting on the flight, and to stay seated.

Another shot shows the authorities discussing with flight staff.

Image: TikTok

Auxiliary police were then seen walking toward the difficult passenger, which was met with lots of stares and people filming. Ah, the typical kaypoh Singaporean behaviour.

Image: TikTok

Another shot then showed a woman carrying a baby following the police, and of a man at Changi Airport talking to police officers.

Image: TikTok
Image: TikTok

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Suspected That Kids Were Not Seated

Although it wasn’t clear what really happened, the TikTok user suspected that some kids did not stay in their seats, which was why the plane couldn’t land.

The whole family was also apparently questioned by the police once we landed.

The OP then ends with “so ya please parent your children, very annoying”, which sums up their experience on the flight.

Image: Instagram

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Featured Image: TikTok (@audikhalid)