Lady Shares Experience About Getting Double Charged For Scoot’s Ticket; Receives Scoot Voucher As Refund

Booking tickets for your upcoming holiday can be an exciting task.

You’ve saved up for months and now’s the time to forget all your worries in life.

Unless you get double charged for your ticket, of course.

Lady Gets Double-Charged For Scoot’s Ticket, Receives Scoot Voucher As Refund

That’s what happened to Rachel Tan, who booked a S$600 Scoot flight to Melbourne in November 2019.

When she was booking her flight, Tan was double charged for her ticket, meaning she had to pay S$1200.

So she did what any other human would do in this situation; she requested a credit card refund.

This process took five weeks, even though Scoot’s site says that it’ll take seven business days for credit card purchases.

However, whether this applies to double charges remains unclear.

No refund received

The problem was that even five weeks after she made the request, Tan didn’t receive a refund.

She did, however, get an email which said that the refund would come in the form of a Scoot voucher, with a validity of one year.

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According to Mothership, this is Scoot’s policy and was communicated to Tan by its customer service team.

Equivalent to stealing 

If this had happened to you, you’d probably be upset too. But it was made worse by the fact that Scoot personnel had told her that “it was in good will that (she) was even refunded anything”.

The thing is that this was a technical issue with the booking system and not Tan’s fault, so why should she have to pay double the required amount?

The officer then claimed that Tan had been the one who had agreed to a voucher refund.

Tan asked for the recorded call where she said this, but according to her, she had been largely ignored since then.

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Tan said she was “greatly upset” because she didn’t cancel or change her flight. She felt that Scoot had “put their hands in [her] wallet and took out more than what was agreed upon.”

To her, this was “an equivalent to stealing or at the very least a dishonest practice.”

Tan said she was “very disheartened” with the way Scoot staff treated her issue:

“In the end I have $600 of scoot voucher with a validity of only 1 year. The audacity and inconsideration of your company to think a peanut earning millennial like me can afford to fly on trips as and when I want… really astounds me.”

You can get your refund for a fee

A customer service officer told Tan she could get her refund, but has to pay a $50 administration fee first.

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Tan, understandably, rejected this offer because she felt that “Scoot should incur the cost for their own negligence”.

Got her refund, but she may have been at fault

Thankfully for Tan, her story has a happy ending.


Tan told Mothership that she later received a refund with no additional charges.

However, according to Scoot’s statement, Tan was not doubly charged; she had made bookings for two Singapore-Melbourne flights on a third party website on 9 November 2019.

So, according to them, it was a duplicate booking.

Scoot also advised other customers to book Scoot flights on their website:

“Scoot would like to clarify that in order to avoid duplicate charges, all credit card payment transactions made on the Scoot website require customers to input a One-Time-Password for authentication, however Ms Tan’s bookings were made on a third party website without this mechanism.”


So, if you’re planning to book your tickets for a holiday and has an amazing offer, it may be wiser to book them through the official site, unless you want to go through the same ordeal.


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