Scoot Sent Email with Wrong Timing to Passenger, Causing Him to Miss Flight

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As a millennial who has yet had the ability to afford SIA flights, Scoot happens to be my best friend when I’m travelling.

What I love about Scoot is that it’s low-cost and always arrive earlier than expected at my destination (at least for my past experiences).

Kudos to you, Scoot!

However, things ain’t that smooth-sailing (or would I say, smooth-flying) for everyone.

What happened

Scoot somehow messed up a passenger’s flight timing, which led to him missing his flight!

Dennis Teo was bound for Singapore on flight TR370 from Philipines’ Kalibo airport.

As a regular Scoot patron, let me just briefly talk about the standard procedure.

After booking your ticket, Scoot will send you an itinerary via your email.

Nearing your flight, Scoot will remind you of your flight’s information.

For Dennis, his flight was scheduled to depart for Singapore at 2.15pm, as shown in this email:

Image: Stomp

In a more recent email reminder, Scoot changed the timing to 5pm:

Image: Stomp

However, when he arrived at the airport (on time, if I may add in his defence), he found out that his flight had already left without him.

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Dennis spoke to a Scoot staff about the error, according to Stomp.

The Scoot staff apologised and acknowledged that they did inform him that the flight would be rescheduled in the email sent on Sep 26, 2017 (pic 1), almost two months before the day of departure.

However, in the latest email reminder they sent on Nov 8, 2017, Scoot stated it would depart at 5pm instead.

What Dennis has to say

In a telephone interview, Dennis said, “I asked them to give me a free ticket but they refused and only apologised.”

“Only after insisting then they offered me a ticket to fly back to Singapore the next day.”

“A free ticket is not compensation,” stated Dennis, as Scoot had told him they would “compensate” him with the ticket.

Having missed his flight involuntarily, Dennis was “forced” to stay another night at the hotel.

Dennis attempted to contact Scoot a few times in the months that followed, asking for monetary compensation.

He failed.

What Scoot says

“We are sorry for the inconvenience and confusion caused to the passenger, and we are reaching out to him on this issue.

“He has been flown out on the next available flight, and the technical error has also been corrected and email reminders will reflect the latest flight timings scheduled.”

Scoot’s promise

Although I can’t find any SOP for airline companies messing up your flight details, according to Scoot’s website, here are some rights that you should know as a Scoot passenger:

  • “In the rare case that a delay is attributable to our actions,except as provided for by any applicable Convention or applicable law, for delays beyond 3 hours, a SGD50 travel voucher will be yours.”

So if your delay is only for 15 minutes, don’t expect too much luh.

  • “If we cancel your flight due to a controllable irregularity and inform you of the cancellation less than 24 hours before departure, we’ll ensure you get on a subsequent Scoot flight within 48 hours at no additional cost and also give you a SGD150 travel voucher for future travels.

So if they did inform you more than 24 hours before, you can’t do much also lah.

  • “If for any reason we cannot provide you with a flight within the next 48 hours, in addition to the SGD150 voucher, we’ll offer you a refund in travel voucher* at 120% of your unused itinerary value excluding any third party cost, such as travel insurance, hotel, etc.”

I’m not sure about you, but I think I would have booked another flight by then.

There’s a whole list of their “promises”, so do check it out if you feel like you did not receive a satisfactory answer!

But I hope this will be the last time I’m hearing something bad about Scoot!

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