2nd Local Monkeypox Case Reported in S’pore But It’s Not Linked to Other Cases


Lest you’re not aware, yesterday (13 July), MOH reported 16,870 new COVID-19 cases in Singapore.

That’s the highest since 9 March 2022, and the highest during this COVID-19 wave.

But this number comes right after a long weekend, which is pretty much expected. To know more, watch this to the end:

In other words, for COVID-19, yesterday was just another Wednesday.

But yesterday, it wasn’t another Wednesday for MOH, for they confirmed another local monkeypox case.

And no one knows how he was infected.


2nd Local Monkeypox Case Reported in S’pore But It’s Linked to Other Cases

MOH said that they’ve detected the second local case of monkeypox yesterday (15 July).

This means that the total number of monkeypox cases reported this year is five: two imported, two local and one transit.

The patient is a 48-year-old British man residing in Singapore, who tested positive for monkeypox yesterday.

He had developed rashes in the perianal region last Wednesday and had a fever on Monday. After seeing a doctor yesterday, he was admitted to NCID, and is currently warded there. His condition is now stable.

Contact tracing is ongoing, and it has been established that he’s not linked to previous cases.

Monkeypox is characterised as a self-limiting illness where patients recover within two to four weeks.

Only a small percentage of the infected fall seriously ill, or even die.

However, young children, pregnant women, and immunocompromised individuals are particularly vulnerable to complications if they contract the illness.

You can watch this video to know more about monkeypox:

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