Secondary Student Allegedly Got Suspended & Probation for Someone Sent Image of Him PDA-ing With Close Friend

Lest you’re unaware, Public Display of Affection (PDA) is a thing and is pretty prevalent in Singapore.

Much to the annoyance of all the single people out there, I’m sure.

But here’s the thing. While PDA can get pretty annoying, it’s hardly something that warrants harsh punishment of any nature…

Or so common logic would dictate anyway, with the sole exception of precious few institutions, including this school:

Secondary Student Allegedly Got Suspended & Probation for Someone Sent Image of Him PDA-ing With Close Friend

According to a Reddit user, whose post has since been deleted and reshared on the more mainstream r/singapore platform, a brief act of ‘PDA’ has gotten him and his close friend into really hot water.

Originally posted 15 hours ago (at the time of writing), the user detailed the disciplinary consequences he and his friend are facing, and appealed to Netizens for advice on what to do.

“I was (were) on the train one day after school and I had my arm around her waist while standing at the side,” he wrote, describing how he was caught. “A commuter took an image of us and sent it to the school.”

“The school spoke to both of us the next day and we submitted incident reports, being pretty honest with things.”

And just yesterday (15 July), the user received the official notification of disciplinary consequences, with the following points in tow:

  • A 1-day in-school suspension (16 July)

  • Step down from his school’s leadership board

  • On probation until Jan 2021

  • “Reconsidered for any special school organised or sponsored projects until such a time that he has shown himself to be a responsible member of the school community”

For the record, his friend will be undergoing the same forms of punishment as him.

“Of course, this action would be seen as a relationship and it was wrong, I admit,” he wrote, admitting that it was a moment of folly on his part. “But such a thing is pretty common in all schools, including elite schools like RI, HCI right?

“I agree this is a kinda serious offence. However, I think that the consequences are too severe considering that both Jane and I have decent academic results with me topping the class while she was second, a clean disciplinary record, teachers have a good impression on each of us and it is a FIRST TIME OFFENCE. Other schools would simply not take action or just warn for such situations, right?”

The user added that he will be accepting the consequences, and hopes that future batches of students would not suffer the same fate as them.

You can read the full entry here.

Netizens Aired Their Sentiments

After the post went viral, Netizens took to the comments section to air their opinions.

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And from the looks of it, it seems that the general consensus is that the punishment is a tad bit too harsh for the act.

Image: Reddit

Incidentally, public opinions remain more or less the same even after the post has been reshared.

Image: Reddit

The cameraman in question, too, has been called out.

Image: Reddit
Image: Reddit


In the original post, the user revealed in an update that his father has agreed to talk to the HOY to see what can be done.

He also reiterated that he does not mind the consequences, as he has indeed committed a mistake. However, he wishes for a fair judgment to be imparted by the school.

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“I have talked to my father a few minutes ago and mentioned how everyone (all of you awesome redditors and the few people I spoke to) finds that the school’s action is unfair,” he wrote.

“He has agreed to talk to my HOY to see what can be done. However, I honestly do not mind the consequence. Suspension? I can catch up on work easily. Lost my leadership points? I got points from the previous year. What I actually want is a fair action taken by the school against me and Jane (as I admit that we made the mistake). That is my main priority.”


Well, we here at Goody Feed hope that the user and his friend will be given a fair chance to make up for things. While student-related PDA may be frowned upon…

It’s quite another thing altogether to compromise their school careers for a hand at the waist.

P.s. This article does bring the infamous 2016 Uni PDA incident to mind though. Also, this one, wherein a driver actually called the cops when her passenger rested her head against her husband’s shoulder.

P.s.s. Society can get really scary at times.

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