24 Men Arrested for Being Suspected Secret Society Members in S’pore

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Secret societies and large-scale gangs aren’t really that common in Singapore anymore.

Still, that doesn’t they’ve been completely eradicated, with a few groups popping out here and there.

But fret not; just know that the police are on their tail, and it’s hard to hide forever in a place as small as Singapore.

You’ll end up getting a very different kind of Christmas gift when caught.

24 Men Arrested for Being Suspected Secret Society Members in S’pore

Tis’ the season to be jolly but be careful not to commit folly.

Police said that on 24 Dec, twenty-four men, aged between 20 and 48 were arrested.

They were all suspected members of secret societies and gangs.

It was also a collaboration between the Criminal Investigation Department, Central Police Division, Tanglin Police Division and Jurong Police Division.

The operation was huge, taking place island-wide between 21 to 24 Dec.

According to the police, they made sure to check locations such as malls and common gathering areas.

Especially since it’s the festive season, measures will be stepped up to make sure the public is safe.

The police have also said that they will not hesitate to take action against those part of such societies.

They are also investigating all the cases

If found guilty, the men can face up to a S$5,000 fine, jailed for up to 3 years or both.

Recent Gang and Secret Society Activity

There hasn’t been too much, though one case might stand out.

Back in April. several gang members were arrested for breaching safe-distancing measures.


One of the members, Lim Wei Xuan had over ten others attend his father’s funeral, which breached MOH’s guidelines on having a maximum of ten people at a funeral.

They also chanted gang slogans during the procession.

A video was taken by one of the deceased’s family members, which was subsequently spread around.

Lim was sentenced to six months and two weeks’ jail.

How To Know If Said Society is ‘Legal’

There are actually a bunch of rules regarding “societies” in Singapore.

Officially, a society is “any club, company, partnership or association of 10 or more persons, whatever its nature or object.”


However, the group has to register under the Registry of Societies for it to be legal.

And if you don’t, then the aforementioned punishment above can actually be applied to you

But don’t worry, the dozen Whatsapp and Telegram groups you’re are in are all safe.

Steer clear from joining any illegal societies, lest the police take this season of giving to give you an arrest.

Image: Bonma Suriya / Shutterstock.com (Image is for illustration purpose only)

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