Confirmed: Self-Serving Buffets Are Allowed to Resume from Today (30 Apr)

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Missed the good old days when you can get your own food at all-you-can-eat buffets?

Hate the fact that even though getting served seems infinitely better than walking over to get your own food, you can’t decide on the right portion for yourself?

Well, from 30 Apr 2022, this is going to be a thing of the past.

Confirmed: Self-Serving Buffets Are Allowed to Resume from Today (30 Apr)

According to the Singapore Food Authority (SFA) on 29 Apr 2022, self-serving buffets will become a reality from 30 Apr 2022.

Previously, self-served buffet lines became a thing of the past in April 2020. While buffets were allowed to operate again in April 2021, food has to be handled by restaurant staff.

However, seeing as COVID-19 is still a thing, there’ll be a couple of rules in place.

New Rules

Eateries and restaurants providing self-served buffet lines have a couple of new rules to abide by:

  • An adequate number of hand sanitisers and gloves must be provided within the buffet line area, especially at the starting point
  • Hand sanitisers must contain at least 60% alcohol
  • Diners must be encouraged to use gloves and the hand sanitisers by the establishment when at the self-service counters
  • Clean serving cutlery such as spoons, tongs and ladles must be provided so diners won’t use their own utensils
  • Serving cutlery must be frequently cleaned or replaced, even if the event is outside of the establishment’s premises
  • Businesses must erect plastic or glass barriers to protect uncovered food from environmental contamination or respiratory droplets
  • Food must be cooked thoroughly and kept out of the “danger zone” of between 5 and 60 degrees celsius before serving

As for businesses with staff manning the buffet line, there isn’t a need to provide gloves or hand sanitisers.

However, the business must ensure that service staff must handle the food with gloves and clean cutlery.

F&B Competition For Talents in Singapore

With the easing of measures in Singapore, F&B businesses are ramping up their hiring in an effort to meet increased demand.

After all, it was made known previously that there is a manpower shortage in Singapore’s F&B industry.

This resulted in a situation where various F&B businesses are now offering signing bonuses for new employees.

This includes eateries such as Kopitiam and Heavenly Wang Cafe which are offering whopping bonuses up to S$2,000.

Koufu, Ramen Keisuke and Broadway Food Court are also offering similar bonuses.

You can find out more here.

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