More Inconsiderate S’poreans Spotted At Newly Open Sembawang Hot Spring Park

Sembawang Hot Spring Park is open to Singaporeans once again since 4 Jan 2020.

And yet, within almost 2 weeks, many things have happened within the park.

Some good.

And some bad.

Well, Sembawang Hot Spring Park is in the internet news again. This time for nothing good.

More Inconsiderate S’poreans Spotted At Sembawang Hot Spring Park

It’s only been a week since a Singapore blogger complained about inconsiderate Singaporeans’ actions at the newly open park but more has surfaced.

People were seen washing his feet in the hot spring pool.

sembawang hot spring park 2
Image: STOMP
sembawang hot spring park
Image: STOMP 

And a man decided that simply soaking his feet isn’t enough.

sembawang hot spring park 3
Image: STOMP

His whole body has to enjoy the hot spring water.

Nearby users of the hot spring pool immediately left. A netizen commented that he wasn’t sure if the man urinated in the pool.

Image: Giphy 

And they aren’t the only ones.

People were seen walking into the pool with their slippers on, not washing their feet before putting their feet into the communal pools and more.

S’poreans Don’t Deserve Nice Things?

This isn’t the first time that Singaporeans displayed behaviour that is honestly, shameful.

For example, just take a look at the shared bike incidents; the idea of shared bicycles is a great one.

But the many inconsiderate actions by Singaporeans, like throwing them off down HDB blocks, into the canal or just anyhowly parking them anywhere they like caused most bike companies to shut down.

Or the PMD sagaThis, of course, needs no introduction.

The Sembawang Hot Spring Park is the latest exciting addition to Singapore for Singaporeans, but with how we are behaving, this might just be taken away as well.

After all, as Japanese Youtuber Ghib Ojisan said:

Image: Ghib Ojisan Youtube

A hot spring is a communal space, a place where people in a community can get together to interact.

And how can it be a communal space if everybody only cares about their own convenience, right?

Netizens have suggested that the government put up guidelines for people using Sembawang Hot Spring Park.


But honestly? If Singaporeans are willing to be considerate to one another? With or without guidelines, they won’t behave in this manner at all.

Like my favourite hero always say:

Image: Imgflip
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