Sengkang Grand Mall Opening on 6 March; List of Shops Confirmed


Are you tired of forcing your way through the swarms of Singaporeans at Orchard? Well, there’s a new mall opening this week at Sengkang.

The best part? It will have a CATBAKE outlet—no more travelling to Buona Vista to taste the adorable cat-themed bakes.

Here’s all you need to know about the new Sengkang Grand Mall opening in a few days.

Sengkang Grand Mall Opening on 6 March

The newest mall in the northeast just confirmed the exact date of its opening, just in time for your next meetup with an old pal.

Sengkang Grand Mall will officially open its doors to shoppers on Monday (6 March), with a grand selection of food options and retail stores so you can shop until you drop!

Image: Capitaland

Forget about Compass One, Sengkang Grand Mall is the northeast’s first integrated development. That’s right. Not only is it a shopping mall, but it also has a hawker centre, childcare centre and residential units.

Perhaps the fight over the best side of Singapore isn’t just limited to the east and west anymore. With Sengkang Grand Mall’s opening, the northeast might become a contender in the battle.

The mall is also located near Buangkok MRT Station and Buangkok Bus Interchange so transport will be the least of your problems.

A Grand Mall with Grand Shops

Are you heading out with a bunch of picky eaters or hasty shoppers?

Fret not; Sengkang Grand Mall’s got your back with its vast array of shops and food options. There’s bound to be something for everyone.

According to the mall’s website, you’ll see some familiar crowd favourites like JINJJA Chicken, IPPUDO, Le Shrimp Ramen and Sanook Kitchen at the mall. That’s four different cuisines available already—if your friends still can’t decide what to eat, maybe you should consider finding less picky friends…

If all else fails, you could grab a bite at the McDonald’s outlet, which opened its doors to Singaporeans last week.

Image: Kel Koh / Google Maps

Is anyone craving some hotpot in this freezing wet weather? Well, you can also fulfil your cravings at Sengkang Grand Mall at their City Hotpot outlet. Ah, what does this mall not have?

Are you looking to destress after a long day?

If your budget allows you to spend a couple more bucks than you already do on Shopee or Lazada, you can look forward to some quality retail therapy at Sengkang Grand Mall.


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Several popular stores like Bata, Bossini, Pierre Cardin and UNIQLO will be open at the mall (yet, we somehow have a sneaky feeling that UNIQLO will be the store that’s excessively flooded compared to other stores).

There’s also a FairPrice Finest store at the mall so that you can do some grocery shopping at your convenience.

What more could you ask for?

Singapore’s Second CATBAKE Outlet to Open at Sengkang Grand Mall

Huh, you haven’t heard of CATBAKE? I guess it’s time for Goody Feed to catch you up so you can sound smart when talking to your foodie friends.

CATBAKE is a cat-themed bakery that sells cat-themed bread, cakes and even chocolates.



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If you haven’t already tried it, you could head down to Sengkang Grand Mall for a bite of that fluffy cat-shaped bread. Just don’t mistake it for Goody Feed’s blue cat, lah. 

The cat-themed bakery opened its first outlet in Singapore just earlier this year at Star Vista. Finally, the other-siders of Singapore no longer have to travel down to the west side to get their hands on the sweet cat-shaped bread and cakes.

Image: Instagram (

A Variety of Offers and Promotions at Sengkang Grand Mall

That’s not all that the new mall will have to offer.

According to the mall’s website, they will also offer several exclusive promotions.

Is anyone here a fan of KAZO’s cream puffs? You’ll be happy to hear this—KAZO will also be opening a store at Sengkang Grand Mall, and not without a treat for its loyal customers.


Foodies can get their hands on KAZO’s addictive Crispy Cream Puffs at a discount as part of their grand opening special—5 Crispy Cream Puffs for just $9!

Other stores in Sengkang Grand Mall, like Bossini and KOI Express, will also have opening specials.

Capitaland just knows how to appeal to every Singaporean’s inner kiasu auntie.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your friends and family and head down to Sengkang Grand Mall on Monday!