Sentosa MegaZip Responds to Viral Footage of 2 People Manually Pulling Themselves Down Zipline


While it’s no surprise that many of us get most of our information from the internet these days, it’s still important to remember that not everything we see may be completely true.

And a recent post on the internet became yet another reminder of how that.

On Tuesday (24 May), a Reddit user in Singapore shared the following video to the r/Singapore Reddit thread.

In the video, there were two people manually pulling themselves across the Sentosa MegaZip zipline instead of gliding down like a normal zipline.

And I think it’s safe to say that that’s not how most, if not all of us want our zipline experience to be like.

The video was accompanied with the caption: “One of my worst fears coming true. when you can’t slide down properly on these kinda rides and you have to manually pull yourself down.”

While there was undeniable movement from the duo stuck on the zipline, it was definitely much slower than the usual 60km/h speed that the zipline boasts to have.

Netizens’ Reactions

To no one’s surprise, other Reddit users were shocked by the incident, with most of them commenting that the zipline probably experience some sort of technical fault.

One user suggested that the rope on the zipline could have become frayed, while there were others who asked what would happen if those stuck on the zipline did not have enough strength to pull themselves across.

Many also expressed the fear that they would have experienced if they were in the pair’s shoes.

Of course, there’s no doubt that most of us would have been terrified if such a thing happened to us.

Past Accident at MegaZip

And many netizens were concerned for a good reason too: An accident happened at MegaZip over a decade ago.

Back in September 2011, an Australian tourist fractured multiple bones in his back due to a MegaZip technical malfunction.

Instead of slowing down towards the end of his ride like you should while on a zipline, he ended up taking a 50km/h tumble, breaking the bones in his back.

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MegaZip’s Response

But it seems like the netizens who were concerned can relax for now, because it turns out that those on the zipline weren’t even customers at all.


According to AsiaOne, the pair that many saw dragging themselves along the zipline are MegaZip staff who were carrying out their training.

A MegaZip spokesperson explained that staff members conduct safety checks daily and carry out training or practice on the zipline cables.

These sessions often last for less than five minutes and are completely safe.

So it seems like unless you’re looking to become a MegaZip staff member, you can probably heave a sigh of relief for now.

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Featured Image: Reddit (u/rethafrey)