Man Lives Under a Bridge for 10 Years to Find the Secret of Winning Lottery


A 49-year-old man named Wang Chengzhou has been living under a road intersection in Chongqing for the past 10 years.

The reason? He’s trying to find the secret to winning the lottery.


Please give me a few seconds just so I can wrap my head around the idea of someone living under a bridge for 10 years just so he can find the secret to winning the lottery.

*Phew* That was a mouthful. Just reading that sentence alone took a few seconds off my already short life.

Wang Chengzhou works part-time jobs at places like the post office to make ends meet, and he reportedly spends a pretty hefty fortune on lottery tickets every month.

“I like thinking about lottery numbers in complete darkness in the morning from 2 am to 5 am and I spend about 2,000 yuan a month buying lottery tickets,” said Wang.


Look, call me a non-believer, but I honestly think that lottery numbers are randomly generated.

However, according to Wang, he has already “mastered the algorithms of lotteries”. He also said that he’s planning to write 4 books based on his research.

Errr, okay… 

Well, he’s thinking pretty far ahead. But considering how confident he is about his research, he should be pretty close to winning the lottery, right?

“I know he is buying and researching about lotteries, but I never heard he won once,” said a post office official from the post office Wang used to work at until recently.


Apparently, Wang’s 76-year-old mother had no idea about Wang’s whereabouts until the reporters contacted her. His mother begged him to return home this coming Lunar New Year, but he said that he will not return home until he had “made his mark in lottery research”.

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…Now, this is just sad.

This is a pathetic reason to not go home and see his mother. I mean, can you imagine how worried his family must be after all these years? Did he think that he’s some kinda hermit? Like, you know, the kind we see in Wuxia novels?

Then and again, how can we ever comprehend the thoughts of a man trying to beat the RNG?

That being said, it’s good to have some kind of hobby or a goal in life. But please don’t end up like this fella here. There are more important things in life, you know.

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