Shane Pow Finally Breaks Silence After Being Fired from Mediacorp

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It appears that at long last.. the man of the hour has spoken up.

So lest you’re unaware, now ex-Mediacorp actor Shane Pow had gotten into trouble with the law… again. 

On 22 April 2021, Pow reportedly faced drunk driving charges in court, having driven a “motorvan” with 14 more microgrammes of alcohol than the 35 microgram limit per 100ml of his breath.

In October 2020, he had breached COVID-19 safe management measures for an oversized gathering.

More damagingly, though, he has already been found guilty for drunk driving once, last being convicted of the offence in July 2014.

And so, after much deliberation, Mediacorp decided to part ways with the actor.

In a statement published on Monday (26 Apr), Mediacorp emphasised its position not to tolerate “any behaviour that runs afoul of the law”, clarifying that they “constantly remind [their] artistes that their fans and members of the public look to them as role models”.

Suffice to say; Pow wasn’t exactly the role model they were looking for.

But getting sacked would not be the end of Pow’s worries. In the wake of rampant reports, he also faced harsh criticisms by the public.

So in a sense, you can say that Pow got pow-ed really hard.

What a Shane.

Shane Pow Finally Breaks Silence After Being Fired from Mediacorp

But it seems that Pow is not letting the setback get to him.

In an Instagram post yesterday (5 May 2021), the former Mediacorp actor apologised to his family, friends and fans for his errant behaviour, and expressed his regret.

He also thanked Mediacorp and his managers for all the help given over the years.

Admitting that he has to be responsible for his actions, Pow stated that he will face the due consequences head-on.

“It is a hard lesson, but I will better myself and come out stronger than before,” he wrote.


You can view the post down below:


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A post shared by Shane Pow (@shanepowxp)

From the looks of it, Netizens seem to have accepted his apology wholeheartedly.

Fellow artistes such as Jeremy Chan, Xiang Yun, Chantalle Ng and Ian Fang have also expressed their support.

Not The End Of The Line

Pow may have parted ways with Mediacorp, but his journey of stardom may not have ended yet.

According to Shin Min Daily News, veteran actor, comedian, and TV host Mark Lee have said that he is willing to sign on Shane Pow.

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He acknowledged that while a repeated offence of drink driving is a “serious matter”, and that he is not surprised by Mediacorp’s decision to fire Shane Pow, he would have handled the situation in a different manner.

He also added that everyone deserves a “second chance”.

In addition, praise and encouragement by fellow Singaporean artistes have somewhat mitigated his ‘dishonour’.


Though Pow’s work with Mediacorp has since concluded, his time in the limelight has probably not.

One would hope, however, that it’s for positive reasons.

Featured Image: Instagram (shanepowxp)

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