K Shanmugam Files Police Report Over Fake FB Post From Ex-Wife Imposter


If you are in a position of power, people will surely come after you.

That sentence cannot be more true for Law Minister K Shanmugam, who has been the target of much online gossip and discourse of late.

Of course, one of those topics linked to the Law Minister is his rental of a colonial bungalow at Ridout Road.

There were many speculations about the legitimacy of his tender and how a Minister could afford to rent such a bungalow.

Now, the Law Minister is again setting tongues wagging with fake news alleging that he had an affair.

The Law Minister has publicly stated that the rumours are false and has made a police report for one of the fake posts defaming him.

Here is more about what happened.

Law Minister K Shanmugam Publicly Addresses Rumours of His Affair With an MP

Recently, the Law Minister made a post on his official Facebook account to put some rumours to rest.

He addressed an “old post” which was “being recirculated”. The post allegedly said Mr Shanmugam had “an affair with an MP”.

The Law Minister did not elaborate on which MP the post alleged he had an affair with.


To put the story to bed, he firmly said that the post was “fake news” and contained “false, baseless allegations”.

That’s good news, given the recent scandals and affairs that have rocked the ruling People’s Action Party (PAP).

Since this is no light allegation, the Law Minister also said that he was asking his lawyers to “look at it” and was “considering other options”.

Law Minister Filed Police Report Over Fake Post From His Ex-wife Imposter

Unfortunately, the Law Minister seems to be the target of malicious actors.

About an hour after that first Facebook post denying an affair with an MP, the Law Minister again took to Facebook to clear the air.

In another Facebook post, the Law Minister said that an imposter of his ex-wife, Jothie, “put up a nasty, false post” some time back.

The post was made by an imposter and not the real Jothie. According to the Law Minister, his real ex-wife told him that she did not write it.

The allegations in the post were “[made] up” by the imposter.

When the post was released, the Law Minister had considered filing a police report to take action against the false statements but “eventually left it alone because the matter sort of died”.


Now, it seems the matter is alive again and ready to bite the Law Minister. Perhaps he should have filed that police report back then.

Indeed, the Law Minister revealed that he “will file a police report” this time around as there were “people … deliberately recirculating that post”.

What tumultuous times for the Law Minister.