She Could Be the Prettiest Gamer in Singapore and Malaysia with a Monster Gaming Rig


Many guys have the fantasy of having a gamer girlfriend.

Imagine if it’s her:

Image: Facebook (Xiaotine Miaomiao)

Stop drooling and hold your horses.

She’s more than just a gamer. She’s a blogger, model, VJ, and YouTuber.

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Hailing from KL, here’s the question that you must be asking: does she have a boyfriend?

Well, the only thing we know is that she has over 206,000 followers on her Facebook profile and over 20,000 Likes on her Facebook Page. Even if you want to just know her, maybe you need to take a queue number.

Nevertheless, whether you’ve just become a fan, or have booked a coach to KL, maybe you should enjoy her rendition of “Let It Go”.

Featured Image: Facebook (Xiaotine Miaomiao)