Shopee Responds to Viral Footage of Deliverymen Throwing Parcels

What do you get when you make LeBron James do delivery for Shopee?

Viral footage and a bunch of damaged parcels.

Deliverymen Throwing Parcels

Some people start their mornings with Toast Box, while others start with Toss Box.

In a TikTok video posted on 25 December, some Shopee workers were seen carefreely tossing customers’ parcels onto the ground. 

Posted by user Tan.AB, the video was set at the void deck of an HDB near the HDB car park. At least two men were seen throwing packages from an orange van with the “Shopee Xpress” label. 

At the void deck, a few others were “catching” the thrown parcels and organising them. 

While the other workers at the void deck caught some packages, the rest were left to hit the ground. 

“Now I know why sometimes my parcel is damaged,” wrote Tan. AB in the caption. 

@tan.ab Now I know why sometimes my parcel is damage lor.. 😡 #Christmas2022 #deliveryheroes ♬ 芭比q了 – 邓家忠

Netizens Outraged

The comments section in the original video has been turned off, but people have expressed their concerns in the comments section of a follow-up video by Tan.AB. 

To contextualise, these delivery workers are paid less than a dollar per parcel delivered. Because of this, in a bid to maximise earnings, they might not prioritise quality. 

Some viewers critiqued them for only focusing on the pay. 

Also, others pointed out that other e-commerce platforms don’t face this issue and provide a better shopping experience. 

Finally, they criticised the workers’ unprofessional service. 

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Shopee’s Response

Since then, the video has gone viral, and even Shopee has responded. 

Currently, the e-commerce company is investigating the case and “taking the issue seriously.”

According to TODAY, Shopee deems the behaviour “unacceptable”, and it “goes against (their) values and service commitment at Shopee.”

Additionally, Shopee has addressed the situation with all its delivery partners to “reiterated that all personnel must adhere to (their) stringent delivery guidelines and service standards, and ensure necessary action is taken to ensure that the utmost care is taken for (their customers’ packages.”

How would you feel if some aspiring basketball players broke your package like this?

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Featured Image: Tan.AB / TikTok + Shopee