Cashier & Rider Argued Over Job Titles in Petrol Station With Rider Saying He Earns $8,000+ (a Month)


The professional guide to insulting an individual:

Firstly, raise your voice to assert dominance. 

Next, demolish the opposition’s argument by flaunting your wealth. 

Finally, rub salt in the wound and highlight your opponent’s low wage. 

Don’t take my word for it; take this food delivery rider’s.

Rider Insults Cashier and Brags $8,000 Pay

In a TikTok video posted by the user @thiccblackhawk, a man was filmed arguing with a petrol station cashier.

The video begins with the lady at the counter explaining that something was part of their “rules and regulations.” From the context, the man wants to receive some discount, but the lady disallows it, leading to the bickering. 

Agitated, the man degraded her, deeming her actions pretentious. Because she was only a cashier, he thought she shouldn’t be so uptight about the company policy. 

“Don’t act la, you are only (an) employee, pump at petrol station,” he sharply criticised. 

Understandably, the lady was enraged. She retaliated by similarly degrading the man’s job as a driver. 

“You also don’t act la, you’re a driver only,” she shouted back loudly. 

Unfortunately, the man couldn’t handle the taste of his own medicine. As if putting down the lady’s occupation wasn’t enough, the man brought up the topic of salary. 

It was here that he showed off his fat pay of $8,000. 

He questioned: “Eh, I make 8,000 plus. What do you make, huh? What do you make?”

Till this point, the cameraman has kept mum. However, this statement triggered @thiccblackhawk to step in. 

Pacifying the uncle, he said: “Eh uncle don’t scold her la, she honest living.”

@thiccblackhawkSpotted this at petrol station ! Don’t say I only take video and never help .

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Netizens Outraged

If there’s one thing Singaporeans hate more than no discount, it’s snobby people. 

Many joked about how the man, even with a handsome salary, still wanted a discount on his gas bill.

Image: @thiccblackhawk / TikTok
Image: @thiccblackhawk / TikTok

Also, some were incredulous at the figure the man made as a delivery driver, saying the $8,000 was how much he made in a year, not a month. 

Image: @thiccblackhawk / TikTok
Image: @thiccblackhawk / TikTok
Image: @thiccblackhawk / TikTok

Lastly, some even speculated that the supposed $8,000 was in ringgit, not SGD.

Image: @thiccblackhawk / TikTok
Image: @thiccblackhawk / TikTok

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Featured Image: @thiccblackhawk / TikTok