Show Luo Allegedly Finally Dared to Call Grace After Cheating Scandal & Made a Promise

Here’s a quick refresher in case you’ve forgotten about Show Luo in view of more important matters:

  • He was spotted partying with 20 girls despite Covid-19 and the fact that he’s in a relationship
  • His ex-girlfriend, Grace Chow, found out about his cheating ways after looking through his phone
  • His mom came out to try and protect her son only to be flamed online
  • He knew he messed with the wrong girl when even fellow celebrities couldn’t protect him.
  • Even a heartfelt note to protect his mother was thought to be fake.

Yes, he’s not having a great time right now, which is probably why he did what he did.

Called Ex-Girlfriend & Talked On Phone For 6 Hours

According to Jaynestars, Show Luo has (finally) reached out to Grace Chow to try and pacify her anger.

Many friends had allegedly advised him to reach out to Grace Chow for an open and honest dialogue.

But because he knew her stubbornness, he did not want to do so.

On 6 May, he couldn’t take it anymore and gave her a call.

They were reportedly on the phone for six hours.

Apologised For Being A Failure Of A Boyfriend

On the call, he reportedly apologised for his actions.

He admitted that he was a failure as a boyfriend and said that he is “willing to change”.

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The phone call allegedly ended on a good note and Grace Chow was reportedly going to stop sharing details about their relationship with the media.

Show has also said that he will call for a press conference after his 14-day isolation in Shenzhen but no details were officially released yet.

Shows Taken Away, Supporters Destroyed

Over the past month, Show Luo found his life on a downward spiral.

After news of his cheating ways surfaced, his appearance in two TV shows was cancelled.

He and his co-host, Linda Chien, on Entertainment 100% were also taken off the programme and other co-hosts took over the programme.

Even his post asking netizens not to “disturb” his mother was scrutinised and concluded to be written by a staff member of himself.

Pretty sad, considering the fact that pre-scandal, he has a sizable amount of supporters who believe in him.

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