Show Luo Starts YouTube Channel to Return to Showbiz; First Video Got Almost 6K Dislikes


To a certain extent, Show Luo might’ve been glad that his scandal was exposed in 2020.

Lest you’re not aware, his ex-girlfriend broke up with him after revealing that he has been cheating on her repeatedly. This came after a series of reports of him partying with other girls amidst the COVID- 19 pandemic.

Since then, he’s been keeping a low profile and occasionally posting on his social media.

But he’s now back, and even when mainstream media might’ve turned their back on him, the 41-year-old is taking things into his own hands by diving right into new media.

Show Luo Starts YouTube Channel to Return to Showbiz; Got Almost 6K Dislikes

Unlike China, YouTube is readily available in Taiwan.

In fact, according to the Hootsuite Digital Report 2020, YouTube is the most-used online platforms in the country followed by Facebook and then Line.

It’s therefore no surprise that Show’s comeback will be on YouTube, but the question is…how’s he coming back?

We got the answer on 27 February 2021, when he suddenly dropped a new video in his new YouTube channel, 羅志祥 Show TV.

The channel was created on 29 January 2021, and now has a whopping 47.6k subscribers.

In his first video, he got his friend and fellow singer Yang Lin to interview people on the streets of Ximending, the “Orchard Road” of Taipei. The question? What they think of Show Luo and his scandals, and what they think of him making a comeback.

In the 12-minute video, Show Luo would pretend to be a cleaner in the background, eavesdropping on the interviewees’ responses.

And if you think everyone has guns blazing on Show Luo, you’re wrong.

Most of the interviewees claim that he’s an expert in time management (whether it’s because he can afford multiple affairs or because he can work in many jobs is up to anyone’s guess), and when asked about his scandals, they merely dismissed them as his personal matters and hope that he would overcome them.

Show Luo would then reveal himself, whether the responses were positive or negative.

I’ve got to admit: the video is entertaining, and Show Luo’s witty responses show that the guy has not lost his touch.

However, you’ve got to wonder: is it scripted, or is the editing done in a way to paint in him a different light?


Watch it here yourself:

As of time of writing, the video has 12k Likes and 5.9k Dislikes.

Comments online haven’t been positive, too: many claimed that it looked staged, or that the editing made it look like everyone just has high praises for Show. Some also said that Show had strategically timed his entrance so that the interviewees won’t have time to answer questions about the scandals.

So, would Show Luo be a Daryl Aiden Yow or a Dee Kosh?

Featured Image: YouTube (羅志祥 Show TV)