Show Luo Gave His First Interview About His Break-Up; Claimed He Called Grace to Apologise Immediately

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Almost seven months after Show Luo’s womanising ways was discovered and revealed by his ex-girlfriend, influencer Grace Chow, Luo has finally given his first interview about his dramatic breakup.

Here’s what he has to say about what he went through during these seven months.

A Wake-Up Call

According to 8Days, the breakup, as well as the aftermath, came as a shock to Luo.

According to the 41-year-old singer, his mind went blank when he saw Chow’s Weibo post.

He had lost track of who he was, he said, and Chow’s words were a wake-up call for him.

After taking a look at what he did and their relationship, he came to the conclusion that he “did her wrong”.

As for the first thing he did, it was to call Chow to apologise for his actions.

He understood that words can’t take away the hurt but felt he had to find ways to make it up to her.

“I should take responsibility for the repercussions that come from all the mistakes that I’ve made.”

In a Bad Place

If you’ve been following up on the singer’s showbiz activities after the high-profile breakup, you’ll know that he’s not faring well.

Not only was he taken off the shows he was scheduled to appear in, fans on his long-time programme, 100% Entertainment, were also calling for his removal.

His mother had blamed Chow for the destruction of her son’s career but suffered a backlash from the netizens.

It got so bad that Luo had to come out and to ask netizens to stop “harassing” his mother.

Following his high-profile breakup, his ex-girlfriend Grace Chow reportedly made an extra million dollars with her clothing brand within three days.

Meanwhile, Luo faced criticisms in everything he did, from writing a love letter to his ex as well as his public apology.

Even friends who tried to defend him were not spared and had to apologise for their words.

According to Luo, he had made the decision to put all of his showbiz activities on hold after the breakup “to not give anyone else trouble”.


He apologised to his business partners and took the opportunity to apologise to the public as well.

While he went through a period after not knowing how to face other people, it was the help and encouragement of his mother which helped him get back on his feet.

He Will Be Back In 2021

Nonetheless, Luo has expressed his determination to continue with his showbiz career.

While he’s a failure in love, he believes that he scores “full marks” when it comes to “work attitude”.

He pledges to do his best, both in the music he’s going to release in 2021, as well as in other works that he does.

Luo isn’t the first artiste who tried to make a comeback to showbiz after having relationship problems, nor will he be the last.


Another one is Jacqueline Wong, who was caught in a scandal with Andy Hui, Sammi Cheng’s husband.

While Hui is looking to make his way back to showbiz with the love and encouragement of his wife, Wong is likely to be fired soon by TVB after all her dramas flopped due to people boycotting her shows.

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Quiet Firing is a more serious issue than Quiet Quitting, because it could have all boiled down to one issue. Here’s the issue: