Jacqueline Wong Reportedly Going To Be Fired by TVB Soon After Her Dramas Flopped Due To People Boycotting Her Shows

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There are two fundamental truths in life that everyone must know:

  1. The internet will never forgive or forget
  2. Follow the wrong man and your life will be ruined

Unfortunately, for Jacqueline Wong, the two truths remained true in her life.

Here’s a quick recap in case you’ve forgotten her saga because there are much more important ones keeping your attention, like the Charles Yeo vs Xiaxue saga that’s going on right now.

Jacqueline Wong found her life spiralling downwards after that fateful cab ride where she got touchy-touchy with Sammi Cheng’s husband, Andy Hui.

While not much is heard about Hui after he cried at the press conference and calling himself “disgusting”, Wong found herself boycott out of the showbiz scene, allegedly asked to pay for damages caused and had to flee to the US.

The latest news about the end of her unofficial ban from TVB showed a light at the end of the tunnel for her but it wasn’t long before her hopes are dashed. Again.

Jacqueline Wong Reportedly Going To Be Fired by TVB Soon After Her Dramas Flopped

According to 8Days, there are rumours that Wong is now facing an early termination of her contract with Hong Kong broadcaster TVB.

Her two shows, Handmaidens United and Finding Her Voice flopped, reportedly because viewers are boycotting her shows.

Handmaidens United was the lowest-rated TVB drama in the entire history of the station while viewers said they stopped watching Finding Her Voice because of Wong.

Even reactions to the inclusion of her show, The Offliners, in TVB’s Programme Presentation 2021, a trailer of upcoming TVB programmes next year, wasn’t favourable.

The station executives allegedly felt that it wasn’t “financially viable” to keep Wong on while waiting for the public to warm up to her again, and decided to terminate her contract within the next two months.

Will Update When There Are New Developments

When approached for confirmation, Wong merely told reporters that she’s fine and will provide them with an update when the matter develops further.

Her boss, Virginia Lok, also refused to comment on the matter and merely told journalists that she will “speak with them again”.

Meanwhile, Wong didn’t just look the love of the public when the scandal with Andy Hui happened.

She might have lost a friend as well.

8Days went to do a quick check and found that Wong and ex-BFF Roxanne Tong are no longer following each other on Instagram.


After the scandal, Tong replaced Wong on her drama during the reshoot for Forensic Heroes IV.

She is also dating Kenneth Ma, Wong’s ex-boyfriend.

What Happened To Andy Hui?

Meanwhile, back in June 2020, Andy Hui appeared on ViuTV’s music programme Chill Club and said he’s getting ready to make a comeback.

On 31 Oct 2020, Jaynestars reported that that Hui is releasing a new song “soon”.

He has also gained the forgiveness of his wife, Sammi Cheng, who encouraged him to face people again and let them see the “real him”.



Featured Image: Hype / SCMP