SIA Warns Customers About Latest Phishing Scam Offering Free Airline Tickets

We might’ve advanced as a civilisation.

As a country of foodies.

And as a country tolerant of immigrants.


One thing that’ll remain constant is scammers thinking Singaporeans are gullible and easy to scam.

I mean, it got so bad that the SPF had to work together with a trashy media company, Goody Feed, to come up with a series of video about scams.

And now, there’s a new phishing scam in town.

How far will you go to get flight tickets for free?

Enough to offer up your personal information on a platter? Now, while most of us are conditioned by our parents to believe in, good things will never happen to you, the Singapore International Airline (SIA) is afraid that some Singaporeans might still be scammed by this.

Which is why they decide to warn us about a new phishing scam in town.

SIA Celebrating 70th Anniversary…By Giving You Free Air Tickets

On 14 Jan 2019, it was reported that some SIA customers received a WhatsApp message reading:

Singapore Airlines is giving away free tickets to celebrate its 70th Anniversary. Get your free tickets at

The website reportedly offer free airline tickets as prizes. But in order to get said free tickets, you’ll have to provide some personal data.

SIA has reported the website and requested for it to be taken down. As of 3.50 pm today, the website is no longer accessible.

Customers Should Exercise Care When Receiving Dubious Messages

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: it doesn’t take much to verify if something is legit or not.

SIA advised customers to contact them via their social media channels or via this link to check before providing any sensitive information.

By the way, always check the address bar carefully when you’re brought into a website, no matter how legit it looks.

Like this recent scam, the phishing site appeared similar to their official website:


So if you’re not alert enough, you might’ve just given your personal info to a faceless stranger on the internet.

You see, if you’re familiar with domain names, you’ll know that the real domain here is The fake company simply registered and include singaporeair before its main domain: they can include anything before the

If it is really from, it should have a / after the domain instead of a .

But of course not everyone knows about domain names, so the best way defense is always to stay vigilant.

WhatsApp Scam Has Gotten 10 Victims In 2019

Since we’re on the topic of scams, here’s another one: a WhatsApp scam.


Scammers actually managed to circumvent the 2FA system, a system using the text messages to keep your account safe, and take over people’s WhatsApp accounts.

They’re so good that they’ve actually managed to get over 10 victims in this year alone.

And let’s not forget, this year just started 2 weeks ago.

So stay safe, keep an eye out and when in doubt, verify, verify and verify.


Or come to our app daily. Remember, we BFF with the Police so we often help spread anti-scam messages like this.

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