A Sicko Wrapped Her Baby In Plastic Bag & Couriered Her to an Orphanage


There have been tons of bad things happening recently, but as far as sick ones go, this takes the icing on the cake.

You’ve been warned.

Woman Couriered Baby To Orphanage

Image: Information Nigeria

A Chinese woman who hails from Fuzhou took the word COURIER to a whole new level when she tried to ship her new-born to the city’s orphanage.

Cruel is too kind a word to describe the act she tried to commit.

When the courier guy picked the parcel to send it over on a hot and humid Wednesday afternoon, he noticed that the particular package started to move from inside. And then he heard it cry.

Naturally, he became curious.

He opened the package only to find an infant inside, wrapped in LAYERS of plastic bags. BLACK plastic bags at that.

Have you no heart, woman?

Video Of Couriered Baby Went Viral

Image: YouTube

The video has since made it viral in China’s social media sites. Apparently, a crowd started to form around the newborn and the courier man, who obviously had to ditch his delivery work while he waited for the authorities to come to the scene.

The weather was very hot in Fuzhou, hitting 37 degrees Celcius, and the poor baby had to be hydrated. Thank goodness there were some helpful people around to do just that.

The child was brought to a hospital to be cared for and is said to be stable.

As for the kid’s mother, we can say that she is certainly not stable.

Mother Of Infant Arrested

An arrest has been made following the incident. The mother of the baby is a 24-year old lady from Sichuan. Her surname is Luo.

The sad case has become one of the hottest trending topics in China’s networks.

Many citizens have stepped up and called for the mother to get the most severe punishment possible.

One Weibo user even said that the mother is so heartless, and she deserves to be wrapped up in plastic bags herself and be abandoned in the hot sun to die.


Also, when the courier guy wanted to check the package when he picked it up, he was warned not to by Luo.

Image: Information Nigeria

The baby is a girl and was only a couple of days old at best on Aug 9. Laws in China are pretty strict on child abandonment. If found guilty, a person can face a maximum jail term of 5 years.

CNN did report that newborn girls facing abandonment by their mother and father are uncommon. As the country has some pretty rigid family planning regulations, baby girls are very often sent to the orphanage so that the family can have boys instead.

Statistics also have shown that there is an alarmingly high number of orphans in China – 460,000. In 2014, CNN also reported that the ratio of social worker to orphans are at 1:10. Most of the kids admitted into orphanages were found to have disabilities, and they were sadly suffering from them too.

So sad lah. If cannot take care of kids, then don’t have them at all la.


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