S’porean Man Who Beat Up Girlfriend & Left Her To Die Sentenced To 2 Yrs 3 Mths Jail

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I’m sure you’ve heard of the high-profile case of a Singaporean man who beat up his girlfriend last year in September.

He was sentenced on 23 August 2017.

Here are 10 facts about this case that’ll make you mad. Like really mad.

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1. His Relationship With The Victim

28-year-old Zulkifri Said had met and started dating the 20-year-old victim in August last year. That very month, his girlfriend had moved in with him and his mother.

But then, things took a turn for the worst soon after.

2. The police found the victim’s body after a neighbour complained about the smell from the flat

On 22 Sep 2016, the police raided a flat at Banda Street at Chinatown after a neighbour complained that the flat “smelled like rotten meat“.

Officers then discovered the decaying, maggot-infested body of a woman dressed in a gown and headscarf.

The body has turned black, and the eyeballs were missing.

3. He beat her up for 2 hours because she refused to listen to him

On 15 Sep 2016, Zulkifri had attempted to kick her out of the flat. She, however, refused to leave.

Zulkifri started assaulting her with his fists, a belt and clothes hangers, and for nearly two hours it didn’t cease.

She didn’t try to fight back or even defend herself, and at the end of the onslaught, she was badly bruised and bleeding. She then began shivering in an unrestrained manner, and eventually keeled onto the floor.

After Zulkifri carried her onto the bed, he noticed that her body had become rigid, was having breathing problems, and that her “right eye was looking straight, but her left eye was looking sideways“. She also began foaming at the mouth.

Zulkifri, afraid of the consequences, chose not to call the ambulance.

4. His mother helped him “hide” the crime

His mother, 63-year-old Mariani Aboo Bakar, helped her son dressed her in a gown and headscarf to hide the injuries.

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They nearly left her at the void deck for someone to “find” her, but he decided not to at the end.

When her breathing started experiencing abnormal patterns, he tried doing CPR and even used his asthma inhaler generate air into her open mouth.

It didn’t work, however, and she died.

5. The culprit fled the country but returned and was arrested 8 days later

Right after the incident, Zulkifri packed a bag and escaped with his mother and two cats.

They left the cats behind at his aunt’s flat in Jurong, before taking a taxi to Johor Baru.

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They camped at a hostel in Larkin for a couple of days, before being forced to return to Singapore on September 23 because of insufficient funds.

Subsequently, they were arrested at his aunt’s flat that very afternoon.


6. He was given two years and three months jail time

Zulkifri pleaded guilty to five charges on 23 Aug 2017, including two charges of assault and one for not reporting the death.

He was punished with a jail term of two years and three months.

7. The charges could’ve been heavier but the court’s hands were tied

According to District Judge Chay Yuen Fatt, had the prosecution continued with more serious charges, Zulkifri’s sentence would have been way higher.

However, because the body was in such bad condition, the coroner couldn’t determine the cause of death.

Yes, he got off lucky because of a lack of evidence which will allow them to pile on higher charges.


8. Prosecution condemned Zulkifri’s actions as”SHOCKING” and “CHILLING”

Prosecutors slammed Zulkifri for his crime and encouraged the court to hand Zulkifri a sentence of at least 21 months.

They considered the methods with which he had assaulted his girlfriend, as well as the fact that he had chosen to leave his girlfriend to die rather than call for help. All because he was scared of facing the law.

The notion that he fled the country straight after does not do anything to help his case.

Prosecutors were unsure whether the deceased had died due to the beatings, or because of a stroke or ‘lethal epileptic episode’.

9. His mother was let off with a ‘warning’

That’s right; his mother, who had arguably abetted with her son to hide the victim’s death, faced only a “stern warning in lieu of prosecution for not reporting the death”.


I thought justice used to be accomplices are punished even more heavily than culprits?

10. Netizens were enraged. Naturally.

Netizens felt that Zulkifri’s sentence of 2 years and 3 months was way too short, and questioned the validity of his mother’s warning.

Image: Channel News Asia
Image: Channel News Asia
Image: Channel News Asia


Outrageous doesn’t even begin to describe it. I was trying so hard to be objective throughout, but I was positively seething with rage and disgust.

What kind of man beats up a girl just because she refused to leave his house? And it’s not five minutes of assault either. It’s near two hours.

And the fact that he extinguished his girlfriend’s already slim chance of survival by not calling the ambulance because he was a coward just leaves a bad taste in your mouth.


And the mother too. This one Durian generation to the max.

I can’t be sure whether she was around when her son was beating up the victim, so I can’t fault her on not helping the deceased out, but what about the next part?

I know he’s your son, and you’ve raised him for 28 years, but can you live with yourself knowing that you were part of a ‘practical murder’?


If you had just called the ambulance, maybe, just maybe, a life wouldn’t have been lost that day.

He’s your son, but she’s someone’s daughter.

I apologize for the strong words but you get what I’m saying, right?

What about you? Do you think that the sentence is too light? Or do you have another perspective to the story? Share in the comment box down below.

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