A Sicko Wrapped A Cat in Masking Tape at Ubi Ave 1


Warning: this post might cause cat lovers to go bat-shit crazy and start a public manhunt.

You’ve been warned.

See, we use masking tape for a lot of stuff: painting is one.

Image: painterclick.com

Walls are another one.

Maybe even art.

Image: pinterest

But on a cat?

Image: me.me/t

Cat wrapped in masking tape

On August 23, the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority (AVA) said that a man was fined $6,000 for cruelty to animals. He wrapped masking tape around a stray cat.

He wrapped masking tape around a stray cat.

Image: Yishun 326 Tabby cat Facebook


Image: knowyourmeme.com

Seriously, it’s a cat. A cat. It’s a living thing. It’s not one of your funky boxes.

Li Xiao Jing, 30, confessed to wrapping the cat in masking tape after it had ‘invaded’ his home.

He claimed that the cat had peed on his premises, and he had mask taped it so that it could be taken away.

The cat was later found at Ubi Avenue 1, with its entire body wrapped tightly.

Image: Yishun 326 Tabby cat Facebook

The cat was swiftly taken to a veterinary clinic, where it had to undergo anesthetization before the masking tape can be ripped off.

Fortunately, the cat did not suffer any injuries and has since been found a new home.

This wasn’t the only case

In a separate case, Noorfazanah Abdul Salam, 32, was fined $3,000 for “abandoning her pet cat”.

She had brought the cat to a vet on Nov 22, 2016, but took it back home as she lacked the funds for the treatment.

She soon did another U-turn, leaving the cat in a pet carrier at Sumang Walk in Punggol before walking off.

Luckily, the cat was found relatively soon and, after it was taken to the vet, has since been healthy and re homed.

Note that, “Those who abandon their pets could be fined up to S$10,000 and/or jailed up to a year. Anyone found guilty of animal cruelty can be fined up to S$15,000 and/or jailed up to 18 months.



What. The. Heck. Were. These. People. Thinking?

What would ever compel you to wrap a cat in masking tape? Sure, it entered your home, and yeah it even urinated. I would be tilted too.

But using masking tape on it? It’s a cat; it’s a living thing! Let’s see you get wrapped like a box and left under a car, shall we? Bet you won’t like it.

And for the other one! Your cat needed treatment, and you didn’t have the money for it. Fine, understandable.

But abandoning it completely? The cat’s already sick, and it has to face a betrayal by someone it trusts most in this world.

It’s like you’re sick at the age of 6 and your mum just left you behind at a childcare, because she didn’t have the money to pay for your medical bills.

Image: phillipproses.blogspot.sg

I’m not even a cat owner and I’m outraged. Imagine the actual cat lovers and owners. They will be out baying for your blood. Literally.

So for the cats’ sake, treat them kindly.

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