An Insider’s Experience of What SIM is Doing to Contain COVID-19 & How It Has Affected Students

Thinking of joining Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) or coming to our campus to find your friends?

Or you simply want to try out the popular ayam penyet?

Here are some measures you have to take note on what SIM is doing to contain COVID-19.

What SIM is Doing to Contain COVID-19

If you’ve ever past by SIM, you’ll notice that both Block A and Block B of the campus are being blocked off around the outer perimeter of the school compound.

The only way to enter the school is to past by these stations that require you to take your temperature.

That’s right, SIM is currently conducting temperature screening at its campus as a response to COVID-19 outbreak and to the Dorscon Code Orange.

This means that all people, be it staff, students, vendors, visitors or even otters entering SIM campus have to report to one of the temperature screening stations to get your temperature screened.

You can’t go into the compound without bypassing these stations, so it’s a compulsory measure for all.

Mandatory Temperature Taking

There are a total of 3 stations in the SIM campus:

Block A Level 1- Plaza (next to bus stop)


Block A Level 2- Atrium


Block C Level 1- Canopy (next to overhead bridge)


Head down to one of these stations to have your temperature taken. Afterwards, a sticker will be issued to you to show that you have been screened. You are required to display on the left side of your chest at all times when you are in the campus.

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Failure to do so will result in you being denied access to class and you’ll have to report to the screening stations again for screening. It is pretty troublesome to do so again and again, so just follow through with the instructions, you’ll be fine.

Besides the mandatory temperature taking for everyone entering the campus, students have to declare their travel plans and follow the 14-day quarantine procedure if they have recently traveled to Hubei or Mainland China.

Sometimes it might be inconvenient to have to take your temperature, especially when you are running late to class. However, as a student, we have a part to play in keeping the campus safe.

Together, we can fight against COVID-19 and keep SIM free of any cases.

Other than that, life goes on as usual, so you can still come in for the famous ayam penyet.


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