Businesses Urged To Work On Business Continuity Plans In Case Manpower Is Affected by COVID-19

When the DORSCON alert level was switched to Orange, businesses were advised to start working on Business Continuity Plans (BCPs).

A business continuity plan is something that allows a company to continue operating, even if someone in the company is infected with Covid-19.


For example, an arrangement that allows employees to work from home or dividing the teams into half.

Government Urges Businesses To Focus On BCP

And right now, if your business has not yet focused on establishing a BCP, the government is urging you to do so.

Especially after the 5-day MC recommendation by the Ministry of Health (MOH) and leave of absence.

These, they say, might potentially affect manpower adversely.

The Ministry of Transport has announced that 37 public transport workers are on leave of absences, with 26 of them being bus captains.

Reason For 5-Day MCs

Many people are wondering, why 5 days? Why can’t it be more? Or less?

It turns out, there’s a reason behind the number.

According to observations, normal influenza takes about that long to recover from.

The 5-day period would be sufficient to differentiate Covid-19 cases from normal influenza cases.

People in Singapore are reminded to be socially responsible.


One possible factor behind why we are still seeing new cases is due to the fact that possibly-infected people are still going to work or going out.

This new measure, coupled with special subsidies for Singapore citizens and permanent residents, will hopefully keep people who are unwell at home.

Current Covid-19 Situation in S’pore

There are five new COVID-19 cases on 15 Feb 2020.

Of the five, three of them are linked to the Grace Assembly of God church, which makes it the largest local cluster now at 16 cases in total.

So far, 18 people have fully recovered and are discharged from the hospital. 6 of them are in critical condition and are warded in ICU.


The remaining patients’ conditions are stable or are improving.

As of noon today, 107 cases are still pending.

A whopping 2,093 close contacts have also been identified, and 1,959 of them are still in Singapore. MOH has managed to contact 1,697 of them, and efforts to contact the remaining 262 contacts are still ongoing.

In the meantime, keep yourself updated by bookmarking MOH’s website here, or subscribe to’s WhatsApp service here.

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