Singapore Sakura Season is Back; Here Are the Places for Your OOTDs


Flowers, flowers, flowers. It seems that there are many flower-themed things going on of late.

But no, we are not referring to the hit song from Jisoo, a member of the K-pop girl group Blackpink. Neither are we referring to the popular song by Miley Cyrus.

We’re talking about literal flowers here in Singapore.

It seems that Singapore’s Sakura has once again decided to grace us with its beautiful presence. Was someone looking for the perfect background to take some OOTD pictures?

Look no further. We’re here to tell you about this flowery season and where to catch the flowers.

Trumpet Trees Are Blossoming Now

Earlier this week, the National Parks Board (NParks) posted on Facebook about the flowers spotted around Singapore.

Trumpet Trees, also known as Singapore’s Sakura, have started flowering all across the island. You may know these trees by the names of New World Trumpet, Rosy Trumpet Tree or Pink Tecoma.

This is the second flowering of these trees this year.

The flowers of Trumpet Trees are typically pink or white. This makes the flowers reminiscent of the real Sakura or cherry blossom flowers which are usually found in more temperate climates.

We’re sure you have at least a friend or two who has been to either Japan or Korea to catch the cherry blossoms in their full glory during spring.

Just so you can appreciate the beauty of the Trumpet Tree flowers, we are sharing some of the pictures attached to NPark’s Facebook post.

Image: Facebook (NParks)
May be an image of road, street and skyscraper
Image: Facebook (NParks)
May be an image of street
Image: Facebook (NParks)
May be an image of jacaranda and stone-fruit tree
Image: Facebook (NParks)

Simply looking at the beautiful flowers puts us in a better mood.

For those wondering why the sudden explosion of flowers now, the answer is because of the recent weather.

We all know about the crazy heat and the sudden downpours in Singapore. It turns out that this is the perfect combination for the Trumpet Tree flowers to bloom.

According to NParks, the flowers “usually bloom following heavy rains after a period of hot and dry weather”.


At least there is something to look forward to after enduring that terrible weather.

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You Can Find the Trees All Around Singapore

If you missed the spring season overseas and can’t wait for next spring to see some beautiful flowers, now is the best time to catch the flowers in action.

And for free! You don’t even need to buy a plane ticket to a foreign land. You can simply use the TreesSG website to find the Trumpet Trees closest to you.

Go to the website and filter by “species”. Type in “trumpet trees”, and the location of these trees should pop up on a map of Singapore.

Then, click away on the map to zoom in on the areas where Trumpet Trees can be found.


A quick search on the TreesSG website shows that Trumpet Trees can be found all over the island, including near Bishan, Clementi, Jurong West, Newton, Redhill and Tampines.

That’s more than enough locations for you to choose from if you are looking for the perfect backdrop for your OOTD pictures.

Also, fret not if you cannot spare the time to take a stroll in the park now. These trees are expected to bloom again around August and September when the hot-and-heavy-rain pattern continues again.

What are you waiting for? Don your best outfit, grab your camera and a friend and snap away!