10 Super Unique Flowers to Buy Online to Surprise Your Bae During Valentine’s Day


Is giving the classic flower bouquets getting redundant for you, and do you want to spice things up for the change?

Well, it’s 2023; the scene has changed, and so has the market. No more same o’ boring red roses, and instead, why not opt for one of the options below?

Head’s up; some of these are DIYs bouquets that you’ll have to build yourself. But that should be nothing compared to the land and seas you’ll cross for your recipient right?

Crochet Flowers 

Crochet are so in trend for the last two years, and rightfully so. I mean, are these not adorable?

In true crochet style, these flowers will come in deconstructed packages that you’ll have to make by yourself. But they sure are the perfect flowers for crochet lovers and the art-and-crafts obsessed.

Image: Shopee (xiaopang1989.sg)

You can buy it here.

If you’re looking for something grander than one stem, fret not; crochet bouquets exist too!

Image: Shopee (pengzien.sg)

For this, there’s no need to DIY – it’s already a finished product.

You can get this here.

Plushie Bouquet 

Another adorable bouquet you can consider getting are these plushie bouquets. It’s perfect for obsessed plushie collectors and those young at heart.

Image: Shopee (syk.shitou2.sg )

You can get it here.

Ear-Deco Bouquet

If you want a balance between plushie cuteness mixed with trendy bouquet designs, then get this cartoon ear-decorated bouquet.

Image: Shopee (lyn8838)

You can purchase it here.

Brick Bouquet

Remember Lego’s flower bouquet? If you’re thinking of getting that but is broke, or maybe you’re looking for something simpler, then these are just right.

Image: Shopee (snowfan.sg)
Image: Shopee (snowfan.sg)

What’s great is that they even come in different flowery options, even a cactus.

You can get it here.


Music Box Flowers 

A step above simple brick flowers would be these music box ones, which are also very reminiscence of Beauty and the Beast

Image: Shopee (sunnygifthouse)

You can purchase it here.

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Chocolate Bouquet 

Big brain thought: What if you combine chocolate and bouquet into one?

You’ll get a golden, deliciously-chic bouquet:


This bouquet is a DIY, with a plastic ball encapsulating the Ferrero rocher chocolates. It’s a simple, straightforward 2-in-1 solution that gets the message (and calories) across.

You can purchase it here.

Soap Bouquets

Love the scent of fresh flowers but don’t want to attract bees?

Then get them these hyper-realistic soap flowers for a try!

Gorgeous and just like the real thing, but better. Once you’re getting sick of keeping these flowers around, you can simply just use them back as what they originally are: soap.


You can purchase it here.

LED Roses

Wanna tell them that they’re your eternal love and the light of your life?

Image: Shopee (xinzhan.sg)

Nothing suits best for that bold declaration of love than these light-up crystal roses. Elegantly beautiful and a timeless classic, they’re best for that romantic better half.

You can get it here.

Daisy Bouquet

Roses aren’t just the only flowers you can get. If you’ve recently welcomed a new addition to the family (a baby!), why not give your partner a bouquet of daisies?

Image: Shopee (jrflower.sg)

Daisies are regarded as sacred flowers for the goddess of love, beauty, and fertility. That’s what makes it the go-to flower for new mothers.

You can purchase it here.

Rose Bear

For those wanting to get something a little more out-of-the-box and avant-garde, a bear-shape rose bouquet is just the thing.

Image: Shopee (perfeclan1.sg)

Throw in a joke: let them know that they’re bear-ly important in your life, and you can’t bear to be apart from them

You can get it here.

Hopefully, this was a great cheat sheet for those absolutely clueless. But make sure to prepare other things for them on Valentine’s, and not just a bouquet.

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