Family Crowdfunds for S’porean With Cancer Who’s in Critical Condition in Saudi Arabia


The scariest thing that can happen to you when you’re critically ill is to be stuck in a foreign country.

There are no government subsidies to keep your treatment affordable nor do they know what Medisave is.

That was what happened to a Singaporean cancer patient who fell into a critical condition in a foreign country.

Cancer Patient Falls Into Critical Condition

Rosanah Sahar is a cancer patient who was supposed to return to Singapore on 1 Jun 2022.

However, she couldn’t return to the country after falling critically ill before boarding the flight.

She was there on a pilgrimage, according to her family.

Her niece shared that Rosanah developed a cough and fever which lasted a few days during the pilgrimage.

Bruises also started appearing on her upper limbs and she suffered a nosebleed.

She visited a clinic in Saudi Arabia and a blood test found that her platelet count was low.

Rosanah was discharged after being given cough syrup and panadol.

Unable To Board The Flight

On 1 Jun, when Rosanah tried to board the flight back to Singapore, her nose allegedly started to bleed non-stop.

A flight attendant and a medical team attended to her and she was told she wasn’t able to take the flight.

Later, she was brought to the hospital and discharged after one night.

The next day, Rosanah attempted to board the next flight to Singapore; however, she started vomiting blood.

She was sent to the King Abdullah Medical Complex in Jeddah; she is now in the cardiac care centre in critical condition.

Her 29-year-old son has since flown to Jeddah on 2 Jun 2022 to be with his mother.


Appealing For Donations

Rosanah’s family is appealing for funds to bring her back to Singapore.

According to her niece, they require financial help for medical expenses including:

  • Blood and platelet transfusion
  • X-rays
  • Scans
  • Blood tests
  • Rosanah’s hospital stay and medication

You can read her post in full below:

Rosanah’s son told Berita that his cousins have launched a fundraiser for his mother. However, he does not know how much he needed yet as he hasn’t spoken to the hospital.

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Feature Image: Facebook (Yaya HQuinn Kiddo)