There’s a Singaporean CEO & Lawyer Who Has Debuted in the K-Pop Scene


Many dreams to be a K-pop star but most never accomplish it because of how “unrealistic” and tough the path to it is.

But who said dreams can’t come true?

A Singaporean 35-year-old, David Yong, recently debuted under girl group Mamamoo’s agency, Rainbowbridge World (RBW), and is now a solo artist in Korea.

The new singer came to Korea in 2021, despite it being in the middle of a pandemic. Before arriving, he was the CEO of Evergreen Holdings, his family business, and a managing partner under YSL Legal LLP.

A man of many talents indeed.

His latest single, In My Pocket, features rapper Kid Milli and was co-produced by Jeon Ji-Yoon, who was from now-disbanded K-pop girl group 4Minute.

The music video has amassed over 10 million views since its release on 8 July 2022.

And David isn’t planning on stopping there.

He has plans on releasing more music and appearing on variety shows. Three to four days of his weekly schedule are dedicated to vocal and dance lessons and the remaining days are used for business meetings.

He is still a CEO after all.

David isn’t planning on beating his fellow k-pop singers around him. He understands that there are much younger artists in the scene and his goal is to co-create with them and expand his network.

He hopes to be able to form a cultural bridge between South Korea and South-East Asia.

With all his accomplishments, the rookie singer has remained humble as well.

Although he is currently the director of his family business, it still took time for his father to trust and hand over the family business to him.

As a CEO, managing partner at boutique law firm YSL Legal, and latest artiste under RBW, he acknowledges that it could only partly be possible thanks to his upbringing.


David has also collaborated with South Korean R&B group 4Men for an original soundtrack, My Way for School 2021, a Korean drama series.

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Featured Image: YouTube (David Yong)