Singaporean Man Allegedly Slashes Thai Girlfriend With Scythe in Chiang Mai

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The concept of adultery has been present since time immemorial.

It very often results in anger, tears and fights—verbal, sometimes violent.

Now, Singapore’s laws require that one prove their spouse beyond the shadow of a doubt of their cheating.

And even so, the general advice is that within six months of discovering that your partner is unfaithful, you should get a divorce.

This is one violent case of domestic abuse for a cheating wife.

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Regardless, who likes a cheating spouse? Yet this does not make it an excuse to resort to physical violence.

Singaporean Man Slashed Girlfriend with Scythe

His modus operandi was both high-tech and primitive.

Angered by his girlfriend’s cheating on him, a 38-year-old man living in Chiang Mai used GPS to track his girlfriend down, then slashed her with a scythe.

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The couple had lived together in the San Sai area with two children for six years but were not married.

Previously, they had argued about her seeing another man. On that fateful day, the 38-year-old was sick, and so his wife drove to fetch the children from school.

She returned a few hours later and he used a GPS tracker attached to the vehicle to trace her.

Finding her at the location, he slashed her with a scythe in the middle of the road, injuring her back and legs. The bloody scene happened in front of several witnesses.

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Talking It Over is Always Better Than Violence

At this moment, let’s take a deep breath to reflect: is there anything that can’t be solved over calm talking, and coffee?

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Had the couple done so (I don’t know if they have such a kopitiam-kopi-culture in the Land of a Thousand Smiles as Singapore does), the worst would have been a few bloody words exchanged, but no violence.

The Thai police reportedly released the man as he seemed remorseful. He had also called the rescue service to take his wife to the hospital and gave himself up to police.

Though I wish a heavier sentence for the man, sometimes things don’t always turn out as we will them to.

In this case, let’s hope the man is sincerely remorseful and has attempted to right his wrong thousand times over.

After all, it takes a hundred good deeds to right a wrong one.