Here are Singaporeans’ Top Travel Destination From Jun-Aug 2023 According to Google Flight Data


The middle of the year is approaching.

For those with families and children, it means the June holidays are approaching. For the bachelors and bachelorettes out there, it is time to start planning your next getaway before the year-end leave-taking crunch.

Either way, this can only mean one thing for Singaporeans. Holidays abroad.

For many of us, finding an ideal location is not just a matter of cost or interest. It is also about getting away from your fellow homeland people to avoid hearing the Singaporean accent in a crowded street.

Where, then, are Singaporeans headed for vacation?

We’re here to bring you the top 10 destinations for Singaporeans travelling between June and August this year in groups of four.

The Top Destination Is Bangkok

We all know Google Flights can help us find cheap flights to our favourite holiday destinations. Google’s advanced algorithms help to track the searches that people input to come up with ideas of where people with similar interests as you may want to travel.

It should come then as no surprise that the top destination that Singaporeans who travel in two pairs flock to is Bangkok. After all, we are sure that you have heard of at least one friend who has been to Bangkok in the past six months.

If you are planning to head to Bangkok in the coming months, do remember to hydrate. Bangkok is currently experiencing extreme heat during its summer months, with temperatures soaring to nearly 54° C in the eastern province of Chonburi and on the resort island of Phuket in southern Thailand.

We hope you get to indulge in some tom yum goong and mango sticky rice.

The Second Most Popular Destination Is Hong Kong

Second on the list of popular destinations for Singaporeans is Hong Kong. It has also recently ended its long-standing mask mandate, so you don’t have to worry about feeling stuffy while on vacation.

For those who are not satisfied with getting Hong Kong food in Singapore through franchises like Mui Kee and Tsui Wah, why not hop on a plane to hit the former British colony to get your authentic Hong Kong food fix?

We have a word of caution for those non-English speakers, though. Perhaps you may want to avoid taking Cathay Pacific if you have less than perfect English, lest the flight attendants make jabs at your standard of English.

The Third Most Popular Destination Is Kuala Lumpur

Next up is a travel destination close to home—Kuala Lumpur.

With a short flight which spans slightly more than an hour, you can easily make a weekend getaway to the capital of Malaysia if you are sick and tired of crossing the Causeway to Johor Bahru.

This travel destination might just become more popular with Singaporeans, given the favourable exchange rates between the Singapore dollar and the Malaysian ringgit. Just yesterday, the ringgit slumped to a record low of 3.41 against the Singdollar.


Can you imagine all the shopping that you can do in Malaysia for a fraction of the cost if you did the same in Singapore?

We’re definitely taking a trip to Malaysia sometime soon.

Tokyo Is the Fourth Most Popular Destination

When it comes to travel destinations favoured by Singaporeans, Japan usually comes up at some point in time. The capital of Japan, Tokyo, is heavily favoured by locals be it for the classic sights or for the delicious food. Even eating at a convenience stall in Tokyo can give you food that rivals the standard of an expensive restaurant in Singapore.

While in Tokyo, you may also want to visit the newly opened Harry Potter theme park. That is if you can secure tickets to the highly anticipated indoor attraction.

For those who are lamenting the missed opportunity of visiting the Land of the Rising Sun to marvel at the sights of cherry blossoms, seize the opportunity to look at dupes in Singapore—our Trumpet Trees are currently flowering and make the perfect OOTD background too.


Dubai Comes in Fifth on the List

You may raise your eyebrows at the next destination that is popular with Singaporeans. It is none other than Dubai, a city in the United Arab Emirates.

Travelling to the Middle East may not be on the bucket list for many since there could be restrictions in place for foreigners travelling to a religious country.

But for those who want a glimpse into the life of the super-rich, this may be the ideal travel destination for you. For one, Dubai has a new residential project in the making that allows residents to drive all the way to the floor that they stay on.

The project, which houses 171 mansions and 11 sky mansion penthouses, is set to be one of the to-go locations for the ultra-high-net-worth individuals looking for the next swanky property to purchase.

Who knows, you may even meet a wealthy partner ready to sweep you off your feet there.

Seoul Is Takes the Top Sixth Position

Seoul, the capital of South Korea, has been a popular destination for Singaporeans in recent times. No less due to the Hallyu wave or the explosion of K-pop’s (and BTS’) popularity in recent years.


The summer temperatures in Seoul may be similar to Singapore, but the lower humidity may be a respite for those who suffer from frizzy hair caused by high humidities.

For those who want to try the chimaek (fried chicken and beer) combination after binge-watching K-dramas or get a taste of authentic Korean barbeque, Seoul may be the perfect travel destination for you.

If you can’t wait to get your Korean fried chicken fix before flying over to Seoul, you may want to head to BHC in Singapore (located at Marina Square). That’s where the popular fried chicken chain from Korea has decided to land in Singapore.

Mumbai Is the Seventh Most Popular Destination

If you grew up watching Slumdog Millionaire and nursed a burning curiosity about the slums in Mumbai, now may be the perfect time to satisfy that curiosity.

Mumbai comes in the seventh most popular destination for Singaporeans to visit from June to August this year.


While visiting the bustling city, you may want to pay a visit to R City Mall, in which Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund GIC has a stake. Do such foreign malls look like the ones in Singapore?

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Hanoi Comes in at Eighth on the List

Calling all pho lovers. You can be sure to meet other Singaporeans if you take a trip to Hanoi, Vietnam, in the coming months.

As the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi should see lots of travellers there on business trips and an equal number of enthusiastic tourists ready to experience the local Vietnamese culture.

From delicious food to visiting sites such as Halong Bay and Sapa, the sheer number of things that you can do to entertain yourself will make certain that stopping over at Hanoi is a good choice if you want some respite from your life in Singapore.

New Delhi Claims Spot Number 9

Number nine on the list of popular tourist destinations for Singaporeans travelling in groups of four in the coming months is New Delhi.

Apart from Mumbai, New Delhi may be the most well-known Indian city in Singapore. Part of that may be attributed to New Delhi being the capital of India. This may also mean that the locals speak English, so it’s easier to communicate and get around the city.

If you decide to go to New Delhi, you may like to take a look at some of the attractions they have to offer, such as Red Fort, a massive fort built with red marble and a legacy of Old Delhi.

For the foodies, you can consider trying some street food (if you can stomach it), including kebabs, sweets and various curries.


Ho Chi Minh City Rounds up the Top Destinations at Number 10

Rounding up the list of 10 is Ho Chi Minh City.

The former capital of Vietnam boasts a whole range of things to do and see, including visiting the Cu Chi Tunnels. These tunnel systems which the Viet Cong used during their battle against the American forces, have become a bucket-list to-see location for many tourists hitting up the former capital for the first time.

If you’ve already been to Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City may also be a good choice for you to compare Northern and Southern Vietnamese food. The two are supposedly different, even when it comes to simple dishes such as pho.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to pack your bags and get ready to hop on to your next adventure.