SLA Renting Out White Retro Landed Properties in Katong from 30 June 2022

If you’ve been searching high and low lately to find a new place in the east to rent, here’s something that you might be interested in.

And it’s even better if you’re thinking of renting private property.

Recently, the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) uploaded the following post to their Facebook page.

Yup, they’re residential state properties.

According to SLA, a cluster of residential state properties along Jalan Binjai, Jalan Gajus, Jalan Tembusu and Jalan Beringin in Katong have been upgraded as part of its “efforts to maintain and renew the heritage State properties” that are managed by them.

And if you’re worried about location, SLA has got you covered as well.

“The properties are nestled within a tranquil neighbourhood near Tanjong Katong Road, East Coast Park and not far from Parkway Parade and I12 Katong,” it wrote.

Facilities and Information About the Properties

Based on the photos that SLA attached, the properties are two stories each and come with two bedrooms.

SLA also highlighted that the properties have brand-new floor tiles, kitchen cabinets and wardrobes. Apart from that, they are also fitted with fans, lights, hob, hood, air-conditioning and water heater.

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According to information on the State Property Information Online (SPIO) website, each unit has a land area of approximately 2,906 square feet and a gross floor area of 1,387 square feet.

For comparison, a 5-room HDB unit spans around 1,184 square feet, which definitely means that you’re getting more space than your average HDB unit to live in.

SLA also announced that the properties will be available for rent from 30 June this year, but did not include any details regarding the rental rates of the units.

However, it seems that from the hundreds of comments in the comments section asking for the rental prices, it’ll probably be a pretty popular choice for house-hunters when the listing becomes available for the public to rent.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Singapore Land Authority)