There’s an Insurance Plan That Comes with Promo Codes Monthly

If you’re like me, you like to treat yo self to an especially indulgent meal of fried chicken at the end of every month, complete with fries and other oily sides.

Though you always feel sick afterwards, it’s something you look forward to every month. Plus, it only costs $10, right?

But instead of hurting your heart and your wallet, why not put the money to better use?

Reader: Bubble tea?

Insurance coverage, dear reader.

Reader: That sounds boring, no thank yo-

This particular insurance provider will also send you food and shopping vouchers monthly.

Reader: My humble apologies for interrupting you. Please, do elaborate. 

Your wish is my command.

There’s an Insurance Plan That Comes with Promo Codes Monthly

Much like bubble tea, when it comes to insurance, there are approximately a gazillion options out there.

But SNACK Pack is changing the game.

For those who don’t know, the SNACK Chillax Pack is a monthly insurance subscription plan that provides you with lifestyle perks in addition to insurance coverage.

Launched on SNACK By Income app, SNACK’s Chillax Pack includes insurance coverage, a Viu Premium subscription, and a host of other vouchers from participating merchants such as Foodpanda, Shopee, and Upside Down Coffee Roaster every month.

Reader: This must cost a fortune. 

You’d think so, wouldn’t you? But this unique monthly insurance plan will only set you back $9.90 every month.

That’s right, for less than ten buck a month, you’ll get:

  • Illness coverage – a Daily Cash Benefit of up to $35/day for hospitalisation and prolonged medical leave for those aged 18 to 40
  • Injury coverage – a Daily Cash Benefit of up to $65/day for hospitalisation and prolonged medical leave for those aged 18 to 40
  • a Viu Premium subscription
  • $10 Foodpanda voucher & 15% off foodpanda Shops and pandamart
  • $5 Shopee voucher
  • 15% off Upside Down Coffee Roaster

Those in older age groups can subscribe to the SNACK Pack as well, but they’ll get a little less than their younger counterparts.

Subscribers aged 41 to 50 will get $25 a day of Illness coverage and $45 a day of Injury Coverage, while those aged 51 to 62 will get $15 a day for Illness coverage and $30 a day for Injury coverage.

Subscribers in all three age groups will be able to access those lovely perks, of course.

But that’s not all.

Added COVID-19 Coverage

In addition to the illness and injury coverage, the SNACK Chillax Pack will offer added coverage against COVID-19 until 30 June 2022.

The cool thing about this is that you don’t have to pay an additional fee every month for this.

This coverage will provide you with a Daily Cash Benefit of up to $35/day for prolonged medical leave due to COVID-19 for up to 14 days and hospitalisation due to COVID-19 for up to 30 days.

The Earlier the Better

As you may know, most health insurance policies are not available to people over a certain age.

This is why it’s generally better to purchase health insurance at an early age, while you’re still healthy.

Reader: “Healthy” is a bit of a stretch. I eat 1kg of fried chicken every month.

And what better plan to start with that one that costs less than $2.50 a week?

Mastercard holders have another reason to sign up for the SNACK Pack asap as there’s a special launch special which grants them an additional $5 Shopee voucher every month for the next 6 months!

This promotion will only last till 31 Dec this year, so don’t wait too long!

After all, what’s better than one $5 Shopee voucher every month?

Reader: Two $5 Shopee vouchers every month?

Exactly. Tap here to download the app and sign up now.

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