Super Instagram-Worthy Snoopy Pop Up Cafe To Open In S’pore On 13 June 2019

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A chronic fan of Snoopy?

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Well, I’ve some good news for you.

Popular Singapore cafe Kumoya is back, and this time it’s being driven by the one and only Flying Ace…

The world’s most famous beagle.

Image: Mycrom Art

Snoopy Pop Up Cafe To Open In S’pore On 13 June 2019

From 13 June to September 2019, Kumoya will transmute into the vibrant world of Charles M. Schulz’s classic comic strip Peanuts, and in true cafe fashion, bring you a whole host of adorable Snoopy-inspired food and drinks!

Now, I know what you’re thinking:

“Isn’t there a permanent Charlie Brown cafe over in Orchard already? Why’s there another one? Are they running out of ideas? Am I doing my dumbbell presses correctly?”

Well, as it turns out, Kumoya’s latest rendition isn’t gonna feature the likes of Charlie Brown and pals. No. Rather, the pop-up will be the first cafe in Singapore focused solely and entirely on just one character:


With just Snoopy’s best friend Woodstock coming along for the ride, Kumoya’s latest effort will be devoid of Charlie Brown and friends, and I think we’re liking the interior design as well.


Filled with black-and-white images of Snoopy that adorn the walls in a true to comic strip style, with full-colour Snoopys hanging from the air, the cafe seems to be borne from a Snoopy fan’s wildest dreams.

And lest you haven’t noticed, even the table tops are Snoopy-inspired, with comic strip designs of the beagle. The cafe counters, too, have been turned into Snoopy’s familiar red dog house.

Ah Hock loved Michelle and asked her, ‘Ai stead mai?’ in the 90s. Today, he tried again but would it work? Prepare some tissue paper and watch their love story here:


But of course, no cafe experience’s complete without aesthetic Insta-worthy food to seal the deal, and let me just say that the food looks absolutely…


Shirley Wong, the dedicated food artist also known as Little Miss Bento, is back to curate the menu alongside the Kumoya kitchen team, and they’ve brought together an ensemble of food art designs that will definitely tease your appetite (and wallet, but hey you know what you’re paying for).

Snoopy’s Doghouse Fantasy Ebi Burger, $23.90 (Vegetarian option available)


Best Friend Pomodoro Squid Ink Pasta, $21.90


Snoopy Sizzling Seafood Tempura with Japanese Curry Rice, $24.90


Snoopy Sleep Tight Mushroom Sauce Rice with Roasted Chicken, $27.90


Hand-cut Truffle Fries, $11.90


Chill Out With Snoopy Original Churro Balls With Fresh Fruits Parfait, $22.90


Snoopy’s Doghouse Delight Pancake, $22.90


Snoopy Match Madness Azuki Lava Cake, $17.90


Matcha Matcha Friendship Strawberry Frappe, $12.90


Snoopy-On-A-Donut Iced Lychee Momo Tea, $11.90


And so… what’re you waiting for?

If you call yourself a Snoopy fan, I’m telling you;

This is a cafe experience you absolutely can’t afford to miss out on!

Plus, you can even bring some Snoopy merchandise home, whether it’s a separate purchase or a limited edition merch that comes with certain items on the menu! So honestly, what’re you waiting for?

It’s time to get down to business!

Address: 8 Jalan Klapa, Singapore 199320

Operating hours: 12pm to 9:30pm (Tuesday to Thursday, and Sunday); 12pm to 10pm (Friday and Saturday). Closed on Mondays.

Additional info: There’s a minimum spending of $10 per person, and dining time may be restricted to 90 minutes.

The Kumoya cafe is not Halal-certified, but it’s Muslim-friendly, with no pork, lard and alcohol being served. According to Kumoya, their menu is “prepared by team of Muslim staff and colleagues in a manner that’s suitable for today’s modern Muslim dietary palette. All our ingredients are also sourced from major Halal distributors and suppliers.”

And with that said, I shall see you there. 🙂

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