SNSD’s Taeyeon Suddenly Posted Cryptic Post on Instagram That Worries Her Fans

“Even if I’m not around, the world will continue to turn.”

That’s what SNSD’s Taeyeon wrote in a recent Instagram post.

Here’s what happened.

A Photo Dump With A Cryptic Message?

On Tuesday (8 Nov), the idol managed to clinch the Best Female Solo award at the Genie Music Awards.

Spirits were high—the idol even promised a solo concert for her fans. What could possibly go wrong?

Hours later however, it seems that things did go wrong.

Hours after receiving the award, Taeyeon posted a series of photos on her Instagram account.

This post wasn’t just any other post. It came with a cryptic message.


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A post shared by TaeYeon (@taeyeon_ss)

Among the photos was one of a handwritten note.

The note read, “Even if I’m not around, the world will continue to turn.”

I mean, for all we know, it could just be Taeyeon writing her newest song. To others however, this appeared to be a cryptic message to be taken seriously.

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Many fans were shocked by this post, and responded in the comments section with messages rendering support to the idol.

Some fans responded by saying that the world wouldn’t be the same without Taeyeon. Others responded by questioning the point of a world without her.

“It will get better”

This isn’t the first time Taeyeon has aired her mental health struggles with her fanbase.

In 2019, the idol revealed that she had depression while answering questions from her fans on her Instagram stories.

A netizen had sent in a question to Taeyeon asking if she had bipolar disorder. To which, the idol shared that she did not.

Instead, she shared that she was suffering from depression.

She added, “I am working hard to get better through treatment with antidepressants. Whether it’s depression or bipolar disorder, please don’t say ‘tsk’ and treat people with disrespect.”

When another netizen asked her if she was doing well, Taeyeon responded on her Instagram stories with a simple “No”.

Another fan also wrote in to Taeyeon’s Instagram stories, “I’m also getting treatment for depression let’s overcome it together. I’ll be cheering you on.”

To which, the idol responded, “It will get better.”

Hopefully, things do get better.

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Featured Image: Instagram (@taeyeon_ss)