Someone Abused the New Razer Phone & It’s a Wolverine

Smartphones might be pretty innovative.

But the same can’t be said about the durability department.

Ever since the formidable Nokia, which was found on a cockroach all those years ago when an asteroid wiped out all dinosaurs, retired as king of the Invincibles, there’s been no smartphone like it.

The iPhone 8S, which survived a flaming car, could be our best bet, but it’s still far, far away from even touching the heels of the great N.

However, a new hope might lie at the end of the tunnel.

Meet the Razer Phone, the Wolverine of the Smartphone team.

Test of Time

Facebook Page Jerry Rig Everything decided to test out the durability of the new Razer phone, and they did it via three tests:

  • Scratch (with a penknife)
  • Flames (with a lighter)
  • Bend (with bare hands)
Image: Jerry Rig Verything Facebook Page

Without further ado, let’s check it out (warning: the following images might be disturbing in the sense that you kena heartpain for the poor phone. Parental guidance is advised).

Image: Jerry Rig Everything Facebook Page

With nothing but a penknife and steely eyes, let the scratching games begin.

Image: Jerry Rig Everything Facebook Page

Ah, there goes the side.

But there’s no helping it, really. Even Wolverine bleeds.

Image: Jerry Rig Everything Facebook Page

And more scratch marks.

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Poor phone.

Image: Jerry Rig Everything Facebook Page

Just saying, but I wouldn’t mind that on my phone.

Looks kinda slick.

Anyways, let’s move on to the flaming test.

Here, we have a lighter.

And the guy’s gonna light the phone on fire.

Image: Jerry Rig Everything Facebook Page

This is attempted murder, right?

Image: Jerry Rig Everything Facebook Page

NOOOOOOOO, there goes the phone.


Image: Jerry Rig Everything Facebook Page

Incredible… the phone used Recover!

That’s Wolverine for you, guys.

Next Jerry attempts to break the phone’s back, like how Bane did Batman in.

Image: Jerry Rig Everything Facebook Page


Image: Jerry Rig Everything Facebook Page

It didn’t work. In conclusion, Razer > Batman.


As a comparison, we also get a frame of two phones which have been through the same tests.

Image: Jerry Rig Everything Facebook Page

I can’t tell, but I think Razer won this round.

You can watch the full video here:

Razer Phone Durability test – Scratch BURN and BEND tested!

With its 120hz display and huge battery… it looks like a formidable competitor in the smartphone industry. BUT… is the Razer Phone Durable? Its time to test the newest phone from Razer with my durability tests and see if the Android smartphone can handle the test of time.

Posted by Jerry Rig Everything on Wednesday, 29 November 2017


Surprisingly, the top comments weren’t Netizens raving about the durability of the phone.

Rather, it ranged from how ludicrous the tests were, to how the phone didn’t have a headphone jack.

Image: Jerry Rig Everything Facebook Page

But I got you, Jerry.

That phone’s hella tough.

So guys, there you have it.

The rightful successor to the Nokia.

About time.

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Image: Facebook (Jerry Rig Everything)