Woman Vlogged About Being Scammed for Buying an ‘iPhone’ for $100 & It’s Just Too Funny


Picture this: you’re walking around the neighbourhood when you see this black truck with a yellow-red balloon and a sign at the side that reads ‘Black Friday Sale‘. A man emerges from this particular truck and tells you:

“Hey, I have an iPhone 6 that I’m giving away for just $100 today. You want some?”

What would you do?

  1. Call the cops on him.
  2. Call bullshit on him.
  3. Take it.

If you picked option 3, congrats; you’re officially in the same boat as this article’s main character.

Mdm Potatoes.

What happened?

According to Mdm Potatoes, a black truck with a yellow-red balloon and a side-plastered sign that read ‘Black Friday Sale’ was driving around the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

We are unsure about the exact events in between, but the very next moment Mdm Potatoes was asking the guy in the truck about a certain iPhone 6.

Guy: Oh yeah, today I’ll give it to you for $100.

Mdm Potatoes: Ok, cool.

Guy: It’s already activated. It’s through Boost Mobile. The phone bill isn’t due until 20 December.

Mdm Potatoes: Ok cool, let’s check it out.

*Guy hands MP an iPhone 6. MP plays with it, turning it around and checking for scratch or beat-up marks. She realises that there’s nothing and confirms that it’s legit*

Mdm Potatoes: Hey, I think this is legit, but could you call the phone?

Guy: Sure. *Takes out another phone and calls the iPhone 6*

*Guy shows MP the number, and the phone starts ringing*

Mdm Potatoes: I want it!


*The guy turns around, puts the phone in the box and hands it to her, attached with a piece of paper containing account and phone number details*

Image: LADbible Facebook Page

*MP hands the money to him, and gets in her car*

Mdm Potatoes was sitting at her home’s kitchen table, when she decided to play with her brand new phone. She starts to open the box…

Image: LADbible Facebook Page

Mdm Potatoes: This is heavy…

She opens it, and sees…

Image: LADbible Facebook Page

That wasn’t all either. Aside from the 11 specially cut-up potatoes, there was a…

Image: LADbible Facebook Page
Image: LADbible Facebook Page


Image: Giphy

You can check out the full video here:

An apple, or potatoes?

Netizens were evidently amused by the entire incident too.

Image: LADbible Facebook Page
Image: LADbible Facebook Page

I honestly don’t know which is funnier; the fact that Mdm Potatoes trusted a guy who came out of a black truck with a yellow-red balloon, or the less-than-sarcastic comments from amused Netizens.


Nevertheless, guys, make sure not to trust black trucks with yellow-red balloons.

And never, ever gives an Apple user an Android charger.

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