Someone Bought a Portable Hard Disk from Sim Lim Square & It Turned Out to be Fake


Technology can be very overwhelming, even for Millennials, especially when it involves computer parts.

Just last weekend, I accidentally dropped my laptop causing the screen to crack.

I could switch on my laptop, but my cracked screen was only showing a white screen—probably a representation of how my future will look like, a bright abyss with possible cracks of darkness penetrating through.

Anyways, I made my trip down to Sim Lim Square, a shady place if you ask me but my friend told me you can get it fixed cheaply and my warranty has expired.

After scouring the area, I picked a shop.

Initially, I was charged $270 to get my screen fixed. I didn’t say much, I just assumed it was normal since my laptop LCD is a touchscreen.

They said it will take a few hours which dragged to the next day and guess what?


Apparently, my hard drive was damaged from the fall. The replacement would cost $75.

All in all, I spent like $345. I didn’t question them much; I didn’t want to seem like a noob.

As you can tell, I am still not over it. I don’t know if I got scammed or not, but here’s one guy who allegedly got scammed at Sim Lim Square.

I am going to use the word allegedly as much as I can, you know, to protect myself.


What Happened

Facebook user Kelvin Lam posted this on Facebook on 16 October:


Allegedly, his friend got scammed when he purchased a 2TB Toshiba Portable HDD (hard disk drive).

The HDD allegedly could not be read and formatted.

Image: Kelvin Lam Facebook
Image: Kelvin Lam Facebook

He then opened the HDD and to his dismay, he found this:

Image: Kelvin Lam Facebook

There were a thumb drive and a white solid gunk of sorts, allegedly.

I assume the white gunk was to add weight to the device—to copy the feel of an actual HDD.

According to Kelvin Lam, his friend bought it at one of the shops on the fourth floor of Sim Lim Square.


Just yesterday, the post got updated.

Image: Kelvin Lam Facebook

His friend went back to the store to get it changed and allegedly, he was told that he got a display unit…

In the end, he got the proper HDD.



There is some kind of shame attached, to me at least, when I go to these brick and mortar stores.

I am either approached by a rowdy-looking guy or a very young teenager that seems to be clueless as well, so I tend to not ask many questions.

Don’t get me wrong, If you’re a whiz when it comes to computer parts, then you’re better off heading to Sim Lim Square or you can even DIY.

For people like me, I think I will stick to reputable repair shops aka the customer support of your laptop’s brand.

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