Someone Got Stomped For Smoking & Throwing Cigg on the Ground


Singapore is a fine city, indeed.

Image: Quora

I know, I know, old joke. But that doesn’t make it less true though.

But say what you will about the fines, at least they helped Singapore maintained its clean and green reputation.


That and our ever-loving STOMP which has made Singaporeans so paranoid to the point they dare not do anything that might get them harassed online.


So when this video of a man doing something wrong on the streets of Singapore made its way to STOMP, we’re not terribly surprised.

Man Smokes Then Throws Cigarette Bud(?) on the Floor  

With the totally creative & attractive headline like the one you see above, this video was uploaded onto STOMP Facebook Page.

In case you have no data to view the video, it shows a Chinese male smoking on the pathway while using his mobile phone.

Then, he threw it onto the ground and walked away.

According to the person who sent the video to STOMP, this happened at a bus stop along Yishun Ave 4.

And there was a dustbin nearby.

Uh-oh, Bad Move.

This is such a bad move on so many levels it’s not even funny.

One, it’s illegal to throw your cigarette butt on the ground.


If you’re not aware, that’s illegal. A first-time offender will be fined $300. And if you’re caught a second time, the fine will be increased to $500.

After that? Time to go court and get sentenced to Correction Work Order.

And two, like the Platoon Sergeant during my BMT that I absolutely hate likes to say


It’s broad daylight, dude.

Add in the fact that probably every Singaporean around you have a smartphone and an internet connection, and it’s not just stupidity, but idiocy to do what you did.

Yes, hindsight’s a bitch that way, especially if what the Stomper said is true and there’s a dustbin nearby.

BUT, it’s not just a bad move on the smoker’s part.

Netizens Burn Stomper Like Cigarette Butt Thrown On The Ground

Netizens, of course, are mostly unimpressed with Stomper Esther, the one who took the video and sent it to STOMP.


Which, I guess, is understandable.

Considering how the Stomper actually took a video even before the guy did anything wrong.

He didn’t look like he intended to throw the cigarette butt on the ground (from the video) and the rubbish bin was nearby. Plus, he wasn’t smoking in the shelter.

Yes, smokers, you can’t smoker under shelter. Rain or shine, or you’ll be slapped with a fine just the same.

Wah, so hardworking, you waited for him to do something wrong.


One netizen was very kind in his comment.

While a few more kindly told Stomper how to become even more epic.


But all in all, we can honestly say that netizens’ reception towards Stomper Esther’s “kind deed” isn’t exactly well-received.

This MVP comment summed up the entire thing up properly:

Moral of the Story

STOMP has a small part to play in helping Singapore achieve its status in the world today. From kind gestures like giving up seats to the needy.

To stopping people from breaking the law in public, even if there are no enforcement officers around.

But in the wrong way.


Stomp’s the modern day version of a Big Brother country. But instead of the government’s CCTV at every corner of the street, we’re being watched all the time in public every citizen’s smartphones.

And it’s not entirely their fault. After all, you’d need people like Stomper Esther in order for the climate of fear and stress to really take hold in Singapore.

Even if you didn’t mean to do anything wrong, you’ll wonder if you subconsciously or unconsciously made a mistake that will be going viral on the internet.

That’s why our NSF in uniform won’t sit on the MRT, even if the train is empty. Or people dare not rest well on their journey in case they’re Stomped for “pretending to sleep” while there’s an old lady in front of them.

Plus, Stomp’s the coward way out

I mean, think about it. Before the internet, before Stomp, if you see someone doing something wrong in front of you, you’ll have to gather up your courage and go tell him off.

Sometimes in a nice way.

Sometimes not.

But at the end of the day, you get to be proud of standing up for what’s right, and the person is suitably chastised for his mistake.

And if you didn’t do anything? You’d feel guilty about it and swear to do better next time.

Whichever case it is, you’ll end up a better human being. Something that, according to netizens, Stomper Esther isn’t.

What do you think?

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