Someone Just Asked if He Should Rent a Car & Go…Reservist. Get It?

Reservist is like a CNY gathering. Similar to how you dress up to the nines for your relatives, you want to show your army mates that you’ve been doing pretty well. Never mind that you’re close to bankruptcy; face more important. – Boss 2k17

Now, I haven’t gone through reservist yet (soon, man), so I can’t verify the validity of that statement.

But would you rent a car just for reservist?

While some of you would probably have this face going on…

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Some actually think otherwise.

And this Hardwarezone forum user is probably one of them.

Image: Imgflip

Is it worth the cost?

Sure, showing off your own car to your poor army mates might feel shiok.

But does it warrant the cost?

“Of course, why not? Can haolian a bit”

Some Netizens certainly felt that way.

Some saw the sense in renting a car.

But some Netizens didn’t plan on entertaining the dude.

While the thought of impressing my army mates with a new car is certainly tempting, I don’t think it’s worth the cost.


Granted, not every car’s rental expenses would be close to $1,000, but you get the idea.

It’s super expensive.

To me, it really boils down to the point: do you get to book out every day?

Should you be able to book out everyday, it makes a lot more sense.


Yet even then, you have to take into account that you’re paying for a car you are parking for more than eight hours every day. Doesn’t seem that worth it to me.

What if I live very far?

While that somewhat changes things, there are private-hire car companies for a reason.

What if my camp is far AND in an ulu place?


All in all, I doubt it’s a good idea to blow all your money on a car for reservist, especially if you’re just going for the ego boost.

Face more important, or your wallet more important?

You decide.

And oh, just new information from the NSmen in the office: if you’re not a KAH (Key Appointment Holder), you would usually have to park your car so far from your bunk, you might as well rent a bicycle.


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