ABTM4, A Film About Reservist, Has A War Scene Right Next To An HDB


If you’re a Singaporean, you confirm-plus-chop know about the Ah Boys to Men or ABTM movies.

And if you’re a Singaporean boy who served in SAF, you’ll love the series.

After all, the movie gives you bragging rights about your experience in the army to your girlfriend/crush when you bring her to watch the movie.

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Their first two movies were based on BMT and the third one on the Navy. For ABTM4, they’re doing it on reservist training.

While you’re eagerly waiting for the movie to be released in November, here’s a teaser for you.

Mindef Facebook Page uploaded images of one of the scenes in Jack Neo’s ABTM 4

That’s the Leopard 2SG tank, guys.

And that’s the enemy. Armour alumni, does this look familiar?

A total of seven armoured vehicles are used in the shoot. Expect bigger and better explosions too.

But that’s not the important thing.

The most awesome thing is the scene is going to take place beside an HDB.

Probably to bring home the message about what reservist training (or ICT) is all about. It’s not to tekan soldiers or to waste your time.

It’s to prepare for situations like these.

Mindef Promises Even More Action-Packed Scenes


The best part? Mindef says there are a lot more action scenes.

Unlike the previous ABTM movies, I’m not sure if you can still get away with pretending your reservist is as xiong as shown in the movie. If the movie shows it’s xiong, that is.

Not when you’re getting fatter after each ICT.

I mean, my boss just returned from his ICT high-key and he said it was the best two weeks sleep of this entire year. #SorryNotSorry

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