Someone Just Finished a McChicken with One Bite #3BitesChallenge

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About ten days ago, we wrote an article about an interesting challenge in Malaysia, in which if you’re able to finish a McChicken in three bites, McDonald’s will give you another McChicken for free.



Well, we went through the hashtag #3BitesChallenge, and it seems like not only it is not easy, it’s tedious as well: people were spending minutes trying to chew down each bite, and making a mess of the burger.

Then came this guy.

He took the cake because three bites are just so mainstream to him; he did it in one bite.

Yeah, you’ve read it right: one bite. He literally stuffed the entire burger into his mouth like a boss. With over 260k views and over 7k shares, he not only did it in one bite, but in 3 seconds.

I guess the best way to describe this guy is this image.



Bro, you really boleh lah.

Featured Image: Facebook (SunnySan Chong)

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