Someone Did A Music Video on S’pore’s Confiscated Tanks and It’s Addictive AF


According to the Straits Times, it has been over six weeks since the Hong Kong Customs authorities on Nov 23 detained nine Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) Terrex Infantry Carrier Vehicles (ICVs), which were shipped from Taiwan where they had been used for military training, en route to Singapore. 

While the return of the Terrex carriers is a matter of administrative time now, someone had decided to do a music video on it. And trust me, it is addictive AF. 

“Give Me Back My Terrex Chia”

This music video which was written, arranged and sung by Alvin Oon, is styled like a 70s style Chinese song. This light-hearted song was created to lessen tensions and to see the return of Singapore’s 9 Terrex Infantry Carrier Vehicles. It gives an outline on our S.A.F. background, mentioning that they have trained in the Republic Of China (ROC) for a long time, given Singapore’s lack of land and resources. 

The addictive thing about this music video is that it is catchy with its rhymes and its throwback vibes to the 70s Chinese Hokkien songs. Its lyrics is fairly simple, and the usage of Singlish with dialect gives it a very local twist. It trended on YouTube when it was first released. 

Check out the music video below:

Don’t you think it’s addictive too?


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Featured Image: YouTube (Alvin Oon)

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