Song Joong Ki Tearing Down the SGD$11.6 Million House He Bought With Song Hye Kyo

When you break up with your loved one, you’ll want to get rid of things that remind you of them.

Some might unfriend all of her friends on Instagram.

Some throw out soft toys that were given by him.

And some choose to tear down their house that both used to live happily (or unhappily) in.

Song Joong Ki Tearing Down His $11.6 Million Love Nest With Song Hye Kyo

On 14 Mar 2020, it was reported that Song Joong Ki is tearing down the house he and Song Hye-kyo used to live in.

Image: Koreaboo

He had bought the house in an upscale Itaewon neighbourhood before they got married.

Reports claimed that during that time, the house has cost him S$11.6 million.

A New One Will Be Built In Its Place

According to Korean reports, a new house will be built in the lot which is still registered under Song Joong Ki’s name.

A sign located at the front of the site indicates that the owner has a license to build a maximum of two levels above ground and three underground.

Image: 8Days

A source who knows information about the reconstruction said the permit was obtained only after months because of the number of surveys required.

It was Song Joong Ki who requested for three underground levels to be built, the source reveals.

To fulfil his requirement, they’ll have to dig up more than 5 metres of soil.

Surveyors also have to check the construction integrity of houses on both sides of the site to ensure that removal of the soil would not cause damage to houses nearby.

Construction Was Actually Delayed

It’s March 2020 and construction has only started last month. The permit was reportedly issued on 16 Nov 2019.

The reason for the delay wasn’t revealed although some has speculated that the couple might have been busy finalising their divorce the past few months, including the distribution of their assets.

The Demise Of The Song-Song Couple

Song Joongki and Song Hye Kyo was the couple of the year.

Shortly after the phenomenal success of Descendants of the Sun, it was revealed that the lead actor and actress were dating.

And then, they got married out of the blue. No, it’s not a shotgun marriage.

Everyone was expecting the Song-Song couple to last for ages, that they’ll give birth to sons as handsome as their father and daughters as gorgeous as their mom.

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen and the couple split after 1 year and 8 months of marriage.

Song Hye-Kyo has cited “differences in personality” as the reason for their divorce.

What’s Going On With Song Hye Kyo & Song Joong Ki In 2020?

Ever since the divorce, Song Hye-kyo has been getting online hate for everything that she does.


Thankfully, she’s still carrying on and slaying at life.

Meanwhile, Song Joong Ki has left his previous management company and joined History D&C, a management company founded by Hwang Yi Kong.

It was reported that he’ll be out of South Korea for three months to film a new movie, which is his first project of the year.

Well, they might no longer be the Song-Song couple, but we’re still happy to hear that they’re doing pretty good at the moment, no?

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