Song Joong-ki’s next project is also military related & he might be botak


With Descendants of the Sun taking Asia by storm earlier this year, it’s no surprise that everyone is anticipating Song Joong-ki’s next performance. Prior to playing the charming Captain Yoo in Descendants of the Sun, the multi-talented actor has once taken the roles of a bad boy, a mischievous upperclassman and many others.

His next role, however, isn’t too far off from his character in Descendants of the Sun: He’ll in a movie Battleship Island, a film set during the Japanese occupation of Korea, primarily during World War 2.

The setting will be in Battleship Island, an island that was being mined for coal between 1887 to 1974. During World War 2, Koreans were sent there as force labourers to mine coal by the Japanese Empire. The plot revolves around agents from the Office of Strategic Services from the US and Korean Independence fighters—a group of Koreans determined to achieve the independence of Korea from Japan (Korea was occupied by Japan from 1910 to 1945)—trying to save a key Korean figure from the island.

Song Joong-ki has already signed on to the role before the success of Descendants of the Sun, as the reports of Battleship Island was announced way back in January 2016. This could be one of the reasons why Descendants of the Sun Season Two would not feature him again.

Song Joong-ki will be playing a member of the Korean Independence Group who sneaks into the island to recuse one of his group members. I don’t know about you, but I’m guessing he’ll still be holding guns and spraying bullets like he did in Descendants of the Sun, minus our dear Song Hye-kyo, of course.

Here’s the most important part of this news: He might be shaving his head for the movie. In a 17 April 2016 fan meeting in Seoul, he reportedly said, “I spend my time these days reading the script for my next project…I am planning on shaving my head for the movie.”

Whether it’s the role that requires a shaved head or his personal commitment, we may never get to know. Filming, however, has taken place since 17 June 2016, so if he has really shaved his head, he should be botak right now.

The other two actors would be veteran actors Hwang Jung Min and So Ji Sub, both who are drafted into Battleship Island by the Japanese.

Due to be released in the first half of 2017, over 40% of the scenes will be computer generated. The real Battleship Island still exists in Japan, and is now a tourists’ attraction with it being approved as a UNESCO World Heritage site last year. The film will instead be filmed in a former US Army Base in Korea, Camp Page.

However, it is unknown whether the movie will be in Singapore. Many Korea movies are not distributed to Singapore unless they do extremely well in Korea—an example would be My Sassy Girl. Given the popularity of Song Joong-ki, would a distributor bring in the movie?

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