Sony Wants To Create Palm-Sized ‘Wearable’ Aircon & People Are Interested

Previously, we wrote about a local company that sells clip-on fan to be worn in the LBV and helmet.

And we thought that was the bomb.

Image: Singapore Facebook

We even called it air-con for LBV. 

Proves how much we know, eh? Because that clip-on fan isn’t an aircon, it’s a fan.

This is an aircon.

An Aircon That You Can Wear

Lest you’ve been living under a dome-shaped rock, you would have stumbled upon the latest device to sweep the world by storm:

A palm-sized air conditioner you can actually wear on your body.

Image: My Modern Met

But here’s the thing; what is it exactly? Who does it belong to? And most importantly…

Can you put it in your pants?

In this article, we shall answer these burning questions… to the best of our abilities. And without further ado…


Sony Wants To Create Palm-Sized ‘Wearable’ Aircon & People Are Interested

In the wake of Japan’s recent heatwaves, Sony has started a crowdfunding drive in their bid to produce a silent, palm-sized, wearable air-conditioner.

Image: First Flight Sony

Believed to work according to the state of the art technology, the device is very portable, weighing at a mere 85g.

In comparison, an egg weighs just 60g.

The device fits into a special undershirt, with a pocket at the base of the neck.

Image: First Flight Sony

A real pity, but it seems that your undergarments will have to wait. 🙁 But I’m digressing;

The device is reliant on Bluetooth, and the temperature is controllable via an app.

Image: First Flight Sony

Some Impressive Numbers

According to Sony, the device, dubbed the Reon Pocket, can cool a user’s body temperature by as much as 13°C.

That’s like a snowstorm, mate!

However, the regulation of temperature isn’t just fixed to a spiral fall. In milder climates, one can also utilise the device as a heater to raise the user’s temperature.

By as much as 8°C.

Perpetually freezing at night while outfield? This is it, my man.

The device comes equipped with a Bluetooth connection that has a 24-hour battery life, as well as a usage rate of two hours. So technically speaking, you’ll have to stop every two hours.


The crowdfunding campaign, which was launched on Sony’s First Flight platform, was officially launched on 22 July.

It reached its target of 66 million yen (around S$833,000) in just six days.

The Reon Pocket, which is expected to ship in March 2020, will retail for a starting figure of 12,700 yen (around S$160).

Bad news to people living outside of Japan though; the device will only be available there.

But hey, with your Japan-loving friends, Airfrov and whatnot…

I dare say that having that portable air-con with you during your reservist won’t be a distinct dream anymore.

A mini-fan? What’s that?

Note: Take the expected launch date with a grain of salt, however. As far as crowdfunding projects go… they aren’t exactly the most punctual, so to speak.