Soon, Your Face Might Be Your EZ-Link Card & Human ERP is Coming

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Think that using keychains as EZ-Link is cool? Wait till you read this.

In an article by The Straits Times, it is reported that Singapore Technologies (ST) Electronics has developed a system that “scan” your face instead of your EZ-Link card for entry to MRT platforms.

Let’s just put it this way: technology is advancing so fast that ten years ago, phones with colour screens weren’t even mainstream, and yet now, you’re most likely reading this on your phone and might just watch a video after that.

Of course, your face won’t be the chip that recognizes how much money you have in you—instead, you’ll register an account and have your photograph taken. Upon that, you will, well, sort of become an EZ-Link card.

According to the report, the software manager of ST Electronics mentioned that it can process up to 60 passengers per minute, compared to the current system of EZ-Link that can process up to 40 passengers per minute.

The system, which took one year to develop, was showcased in an event recently.

There’s an alternative for people who hate their face to be scanned (okay, technically, it’s called facial recognition, and it recognizes faces instead of scan them): they can have their EZ-Link cards, which I presume shouldn’t be a card anymore, in their bags or pockets and the sensor will sense them before opening the gates.

But hey, everyone is interested in the face scanning facial recognition system because it will mean one thing: we might just need to update our photos regularly. Just take a look at your IC photo and you’ll get what I mean.

So far, there has been no indication of whether this will eventually take place, but local and overseas train operators have expressed interest.

I won’t be surprised that one or two years later, we people will really become cars that pass by an “ERP” system.

Guess this could be a reality after all.


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